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‘Roots and Branches’ is a success

Pictured is the cast of “Roots and Branches”, a play based on the oral history of Letcher County.

Pictured is the cast of “Roots and Branches”, a play based on the oral history of Letcher County.

Thanks to all who came out to the Cowan Community Center play “Roots and Branches” performed Friday and Saturday nights and then again on Wednesday night, June 22.

We could not have done it without your support and sacrifices of doing without your family members. Lots of hard work, stress, tears and all, but we made it.

Thanks to Carol Ison for her vision of seeing her dream come true. She was presented with roses from the cast and some cut flowers for all the hard work she has done, and thanks to Kendall for allowing her to spend so much time away from home.

Brenda Stone would like to send a special thank you to Darrell Holbrook and the Whitesburg Sheriff ’s Department for providing her a uniform to wear in the play. She played the part well, and was one of my favorites.

Big Cowan

Members of the cast: Darrell Holbrook as Aaron; Leigh Lewis Blankenbeckler as Reva Howard; Allysa Helton as Nicki; Christine Fields as Ringer #1 and DAR; Greta Fields as Ringer #3 and Alice; Bessie Shepherd a radio announcer; Howard Barton as Junior Wallace; Brandon Jent as Spencer Wallace; Debbie Fields as Faye; Kevin Howard as himself; Ashley Collier as Jennie (Nicki’s mom); Brenda Slone as Deputy Louise Fleming; Ben Fink as song leader (music director of shaped note singing); Gwen Johnson as a special guest, alto shape note singer; Band Members, Shadows Gather; Kevin Howard on banjo and guitar; Brandon Jent on guitar; Mark Kidd on guitar; Kat Tan on ukelele and as Christy; Callie Lee as Bethany; and Ben Fink, Leigh Blankenbeckler, Greta Fields, Gwen Johnson, Kandi Slone, Mark Kidd, and Christine Fields (shape note singers), all sang Wayfaring Stranger.

Special thanks to our consultants Bob Martin and Mark Kidd; Kandi Slone for programs; Jessie Slone for video; TVS Cable for video; Appalshop for photographs; Callie Lee for fliers; Charlotte McDougal for the Scotia Disaster; Randy Wilson and unknown boy for the Bull Hole Gap story.

A special thanks to all of our cast for the hard work and dedication through trials, tears, smiles, and for bringing it all together.

Thanks to Grow Appalachia and all the people who prepared meals, and for all the donations to help out the center, and to our audiences for your support, and our friends and family who came out. You are all appreciated.

My favorite characters were Darrell (Aaron) and Kandi (Roberta), and Darrell’s fine singing of Elvis’s rendition of “Love Me Tender.” I think their characters told the story.

The cast performed several songs together, “Crawdad Song,” “Eliza Jane,” “Y’all Come,” “Food Around the Corner,” and “Yellow Corvette Song.” We had lots of fun with them.

Well, enough of all that. Hoping everyone has a happy and safe July 4 weekend. There are plenty of reunions going on.

Late birthday wishes for Gina Fields on June 26.

Well, I’m going to go for now. Have a great week, and may you have pleasant weather and enjoy.

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