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Rose Ballard attends Blackey Days

Happy Halloween! How is everything in your little corner of the world?

I am one tired but very happy old lady as I put a lot of miles on my car and my body.

Thursday, I left my house at 9:30 a.m. and then I stopped at Natural Bridge to rest and brush my hair as I had driven with curlers in my hair. I pulled into the parking lot of Whitesburg motel at 2:15 p.m.

I was very sick all week, but I wanted to see Sunrise Ridge at Appalshop and they did a great show.

While standing in the foyer waiting for the doors to open, I saw that Linda Hall was there and it is always a pleasure to see Linda. I love the way Linda keeps herself so beautiful. I’ve never seen her that she doesn’t match from head to toe.

There was a little glitch thrown in before I attended special event.

Ricky Caudill invited me down to see the beginning of his new home that he is so proud of.

Southern Ohio

Ricky’s sister Marcia and Mike Caudill, along with their nephew Anthony and his son Mason were there, along with the carpenter Clarence Blair, and later Bryce Caudill stopped to visit.

Everyone had waited all day for a load of lumber, which hadn’t been delivered, and here it was getting late. Finally the large truck arrived, to no avail as the driver got stuck, of all places, in the curve blocking the driveway.

I was really worried as time was passing and I was afraid that I couldn’t get off the mountain to get to the Appalshop. Finally, with lots of help from Anthony and Mike and someone bringing a chain, the driver was able to get out.

Ricky teased me saying I had to stay all night, but I laughed and said I didn’t mind as there were lots of chaperones, If it had come to pass, I would have been listening to Sunrise Ridge on Ricky’s computer

Friday, I woke up very sick so I spent the day in the motel except for a quick trip to The Mountain Eagle to pick up a shirt. Thanks, girls, for doing this for me.

Finally I went to Blackey Days, but I should have just stayed in the motel. I never mixed with anyone as I felt so bad, but it was nice talking to a few that came to me.

It came such a severe storm that thank goodness there were tents. The wind was really strong and the temperature really cooled down.

Saturday morning, I really had reservations, but it was day I had waited for a year to arrive.

I was late picking Ricky up as we were supposed to meet everyone for breakfast.

Ricky met his family at the church while I stayed to listen to Lee Sexton, Jack Adams and someone else.

Yes, I had rather listen to music than eat; actually I couldn’t eat anyway. The bands were great as usual.

I got to meet someone that I’ve wanted to meet for a long time, Ike Adams and his lovely wife Loretta. It really was as a pleasure, though embarrassing as I asked this beautiful woman who the man was. It was Loretta, and she said, “Ike Adams.”

I also met David Kenner from Virginia, and his sisters Becky from Mississippi, and Sue. I believe lives in Florida, but I may be mistaken.

Mary Back from Middletown, it was nice meeting you.

Frances and Hester Mc- Intire, it was good seeing you two. Hester lives in Bright, Ind., which is just up the hill a short distance from me.

Saturday evening, Mart and Sue Hall joined us at Blackey Days. I got extra loving from two beautiful little girls.

Sunday afternoon, I stopped at a little place out of Hindman to visit with Sue and the girls, then Mart came home from work. Finally I was on my way back to the flatlands of home.

Now the rest of my evening turned into a nightmare.

I did stop at Hardee’s in Jackson to bring my daughter Angie and my little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold mushroom and Swiss burgers.

In Angie’s parking lot I got out of my car and I dead level fell on my the pavement, skinning both knees. I dropped the sandwiches, which stayed intact. It is a good thing I didn’t go into Angie’s I just rang the doorbell.

When I stepped to my car, I saw a bank envelope, and my first thought was it was an empty one that I had removed money from. It had two $50 bills that I had put back just in case. I have no idea how I pulled it out. I didn’t tell Angie I had fallen.

Now I wish I could say things got better. I was very tired when I got home. All I did was get my things out of the car.

Somehow I fell forward and as I started to put one foot on my steps the ring finger on my right hand hit the back of the concrete, and my finger bent straight up in the air. I tried to straighten it out but it looked weird, so I went to the ER. My finger was dislocated, and the doctor pulled it back in place.

The tendons ripped loose, so I have to go to an orthopedic doctor. In the meantime, I have a splint and two fingers taped together.

When I called Ricky to tell him I had made it home, it seems he had an unwelcome visitor. A large cougar was outside as he went out to get something. Ricky is not usually afraid of anything, especially animals, but this cougar has made him change his mind as it was a close call.

Hello to Les and Pat Wagner, and to everyone.

Doyle and Betty Ison, I meant to go to Golden Apple to see if they had half runner beans, but this is one time I didn’t do anything.

Ann Calihan, I didn’t even bring you a birthday card. Belated happy birthday on Oct 7.

There’s a lot more I want to say, but it is hard to type with this splint. Until next time. Be careful and don’t fall.

Thanks to all who make Blackey Days a wonderful event.

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