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Rose Ballard, Daphne Korner visit the mountains again

Southern Ohio

Hello everyone! How are things with you on this bight summer day? As I try to write this column, I raised the glass in my storm door to enjoy the cool morning air. It won’t be long until I slip my fuzzy house shoes on to keep my feet warm.

I’ve had a very busy few days as Daphne Korner and I took another adventure to the mountains I call home in my heart.

Daphne was undecided if she wanted to venture back, so I said that was fine, I would go by myself.

Although I forgot I had a problem. Earlier in the week I went to the optometrist since I have pain in my left eye. He couldn’t find anything wrong except my vision is slightly weaker and I had to get new prescription glasses. Since my frames were as good as new, I chose to use the frames, which meant I have been without glasses. They are transition lenses, so I don’t have to worry about sunglasses, however I have gotten so I do need glasses at night, especially if it is raining.

Regardless, I would have managed somehow had I made the trip alone.

Daphne and I left Harrison at 9:30 a.m., arrived at Cavalry Campus about 1:30 p.m., then went to Grubb’s Floral Shoppe to meet Bernice to pick up flowers for the cemeteries.

I took a few minutes to go steal a hug from Buddy, who is looking a little better. I did see their son Chuck. Mike wasn’t around, so, Mike, when I come back, you owe me two hugs. Seriously, I did miss seeing you and your smile.

Daphne and I returned to the campus to enjoy some rest as we knew we were facing a couple of busy days ahead.

Friday, we spent time with my niece Sue Hall, who is recovering slowly from her serious burn.

As we came through Isom, Daphne found a fabric shop. I thought I was going to have to get a shepherd’s hook to drag her out. Then on our way back through, thanks to Marcia Caudill, we stopped at John B. Adams Store. It was almost closing time, and Daphne bought enough to make it worth their time to be open a couple of minutes longer. Plus she sure will make that a top priority.

While we were at Cavalry Campus, I sure hope Paul and Mary Jo didn’t mind as Daphne and I walked quite a bit on the grounds. When I am alone, I am not that adventurous. I really enjoyed seeing everything and exploring the grounds.

Of course by Friday evening we were feeling sort of tired. Daphne did all the driving.

My foot and stomach were acting up, however Campbell’s Branch Community Center has recently opened. In my brain and heart and feet, I could hear and feel Fred Campbell’s banjo calling me Daphne looked exhausted, but we still went for a couple of hours. It was wonderful to see everyone.

Doris Adams, Larry and Venessa, you guys look wonderful.

Darlene and Alice, oh how great you and the band sounded. Now if Fred had played a little more “banjer” tunes and I could have danced, I would have enjoyed it more.

Saturday morning, Daphne and I decided to start the day by having breakfast at the place in Isom. No way could we wait over half an hour, and it would take me half an hour to try to eat, so we left. We drove back to Delana’s to pick up something she was kind enough to hold for me. Daphne enjoyed shopping there too.

I wanted to stop by Libby’s but she wasn’t open that early. We met Sue and Billy at Pine Mountain Grill and our journey for the day began.

Billy is a very good driver. This is the third time Sue and Billy have been kind enough to take me places. Not once have I ever felt uneasy, however riding in the back seat even with a seatbelt on and Billy not driving excessively fast, each curve would put me sideways. I did tell him I was going to put due in the back seat. I was kidding. Had Billy really been going fast I would have told him so, plus he had to have a little speed to get up Pine Mountain, although I really don’t like driving on Pine Mountain.

Gee, did I get Billy and Sue on a wild goose chase trying to find the cemetery where Grandma Rosa Hall is buried, even though it was only a few weeks we were there. Actually I told Billy to turn left a mile or so too soon. I finally was smart enough to think of the funeral home, so I told Sue to call there to ask for directions to the cemetery.

We accomplished the mission as I did get to put a bunch of flowers on Granny’s grave, along with Aunt Berta’s and Johnny’s. Actually someone had already been there.

After a stop at a general store in Partridge, we ventured on to the Big Branch or Coots Cemetery. Oh my goodness were we all in for a surprise as the road had been graded, scraped and tree limbs cut out of the way.

As I looked at the graves on that forsaken burial plot, it is heartbreaking. Graves have sunk so bad, and I am not able to even try to push a stem of a silk flower in the ground.

It breaks my heart if someone moves the small metal thing the funeral home put at my brother Richie Hall’s grave. Unless you know he is buried next to Dad, you wouldn’t even know there is a grave there. Richie has been dead nine years and no tombstone. In bygone years this was acceptable because families had no money. In this case that is not so. Richie was one who would clean the weeds and cut the grass from everyone’s grave.

After we completed our mission, once again Daphne and I went to visit Mike and Marcia Caudill. When we arrived their son Matthew and his wife and babies were there along with a couple of friends.

I stayed long enough to grab hugs and Daphne and I made our departure. Mike and Marcia kept insisting we stay, but Daphne and I were exhausted and I could also see Mike and Marcia looked tired. They needed to spend time with their family.

Oh by the way, Matt is a Fort Mitchell policeman. He also knows where my daughter lives, so I want to keep on the good side of Matt.

I talked to Ann Calihan, and Johnny is doing well. Please keep their daughter Carol in your prayers as well as all the Calihan family.

Annette Akers, I had my schedule so tight with minor interruptions I am going to have to give up the idea of fresh lettuce from your garden. I did go by Golden Apple to bring more half runner beans home. I’m not saying what happened to the peas, right Enoch?

It is always nice to see Carol and Enoch. One mistake I made was not getting a light purple rose. Oh, I may have to make a trip back.

Hello to Tommy Tindel at Letcher Manor Nursing Home. Tommy didn’t know he was going to get a pest who just drops by whenever she was in the area. It brightens my day to spend a few minutes with Tommy. It brings back good but yet sad memories of my brother Wallace Lee and my sister Loretta.

If anyone has the extra time, please look up Tri City Nursing Home in Cumberland and send a card to Bertha Turner. I know she would appreciate it. As a matter of fact I wish I had the names of everyone in nursing homes. I would try to send cards if possible.

I am sorry I am having trouble trying to type this. More next week.

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