Whitesburg KY

Rose Ballard listens to mountains calling her

Southern Ohio

Hello everyone. How’s everything in your corner of the world? I really hope you are staying warm, as the Ohio Valley has seen spring, summer, and winter in one day, including snow. The snow was beautiful as across the hayfield from my house looked like a winter wonderland, or a picture perfect postcard.

In a couple of weeks I will have to order more gas. Oh well, it will keep during the summer and I will have a head start on next winter.

My niece Sue Hall spent several days at Vanderbilt Burns Institute in Nashville, Tenn., as she had to have a skin graft. I don’t understand why Pikeville Hospital didn’t send her somewhere when she went to the ER.

Sometimes medical situations aren’t what they should be. Believe me, as I know, as I am living proof!

I had a scope done this week as I have Barrett’s esophagus, and they couldn’t find a vein for an IV. They called for a PCCC team, and it would delay my procedure. So, a doctor said that she could find a vein. Well, finally she did. I look like I have been abused I am so bruised.

Thanks to Vickie Power for going with me and driving me home.

Glenda Tolliver from Alabama is visiting her mother, Bertha Turner, on Ingram’s Creek at Linefork. Bertha has relatives in Versailles and North Vernon, Ind. and Glenda took Bertha on a road trip to see siblings that she hasn’t seen in some time. Maybe next week I will share pictures.

The mountains have been calling my name for some time, so I finally gave in. At the present I am sitting in the library at Whitesburg using the computer, so this is going to be a short column.

My computer decided to quit working on me in the middle of the night. As if that wasn’t enough, I get a large McDonald’s sweet tea out of the refrigerator just as I was about to leave the house.

I dropped it, which meant that I had one huge mess. I mopped the kitchen, but it was still sticky. My son, Keith, will have to finish cleaning my mess.

I didn’t take time to fill my car up with gas, as I had almost a half a tank. When I stopped in Sadieville I discovered I didn’t have my bank card with me. I have a credit card that I haven’t used in almost two years. I didn’t know if it was good or not. I didn’t want to take the time to go in to pay for gas.

Luckily the card was still good.

I sent Keith a message and asked him to look for my bank card. At the present he hasn’t found it. He said that when I went to Walgreens they sometimes put the card in an envelope. I think that is the last time I remember using it. It might have been thrown in the garbage.

I still came on to the mountains. The redbud and dogwoods have been so beautiful on the way here.

I told the cashier at Parkway Inn that this is an expensive trip just to see redbud and dogwood trees blooming.

I know I would regret it if I didn’t make this trip.

With losing my computer, I don’t have some numbers that I was to get in touch with a few people. After today I may need some time out.

Johnny and Ann Calihan could use some prayers, as they are having some complications.

Their daughter, Carol Dieckman, is in the hospital again, so please remember her in prayer also.

Hello Buddy and Bernice Grubb, and Mike. I hope I can say I got to see you in my column.

Les and Pat Wagner, my thoughts have been with you a few times while traveling on this journey.

Mike and Marcie Caudill, maybe I can say I got to see you on this trip.

I will try to write more when I get home and get a computer.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, OH 45030, Email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com.

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