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Rose Ballard recovering from surgery

Southern Ohio

Hello everyone! How is it in your little corners of the world? Sorry to say I haven’t got much news to report at this date and time. I wonder why?

First off, I want to say thank you to everyone for your prayers, well wishes and your outpouring of love and kindness.

Life can change in a blink of an eye.

I had surgery on Tuesday morning; Wednesday afternoon, I was walking, not dancing, just walking.

I had a couple of things set me back, but then I bounced back.

A week later I was released, and that was a nightmare in itself as one hand didn’t know what the other was doing.

My plan was to go to my daughter Kay’s for a week or so, then my heart surgeon suggested rehab. That in itself was where the nightmare came in as at first I was ready to go and then I was told I would have to pay $50 per day out of pocket.

The woman didn’t have a clue what she was talking about. She called Kay and said they were going to keep me if I was going to rehab, but since I wasn’t going, my daughter could pick me up that afternoon.

You know what she didn’t know she was fooling with the wrong person. I hadn’t been released and since I had gotten sick that morning, I couldn’t go anywhere.

Someone came from Shawnee Springs Rehab called to tell me that my insurance would pay so as my daughter walked in the door to transport me, her cell phone rang. Kay went white in the face, I heard her ask, “Is she okay?”

Her youngest daughter Jodi Gray had just been involved in a bad car accident. I told Kay to go to Jodi. Thank God Jodi was just very badly bruised and banged all over.

Some idiot caused the accident then ran. In the meantime, Jodi and a Jeep hit head on. Jodi had a Chrysler Crossfire, which is a small car, and the Jeep drove over Jodi’s car. Jodi crawled across the console, and a stranger saw her and called Kay from Jodi’s phone.

I finally made it to my temporary home about 8 p.m. Wednesday night.

In the meantime Kay went to Jodi and brought her to Christ E.R.

While Jodi was there, she sneaked up to see me. Jodi and the other girl are lucky to be alive.

Jodi just started a teaching job at a preschool.

While I was in Christ Hospital, Doyle and Betty Ison came to visit me. Betty isn’t able to walk very far, but she made it.

Doyle and I have the same scar, the only thing is I can see his scar. I will show a little but not all.

Betty has to go Christ Hospital every so often for a medical procedure, and was scheduled for an appointment so Doyle came to visit me again.

The surprises didn’t stop there. I have often mentioned my special musicians friends Ma Crow and The Lady Slippers, well they came to visit me. Later Ma and Trina Emig brought their instruments and played and sang for me at the hospital.

I forgot Betty Ison is going to go dancing with me when I get well.

A very special thank you to all my family for being there to help me through this ordeal. My friend Vickie Power has been there for the girls.

There are things that go on in nursing homes you would not believe. At this one, you get up so they can make the bed, then if you want to get back in afterward you can.

So far I am doing all right and can do lots for myself, but if I drop something it has to stay there as I can’t pick anything up.

My brother Richie Hall still isn’t doing very well at all. I will always be grateful to my sister-in-law Wanda for being so good to that younger brother of mine.

Hello to Jerry and Mattie Hall and their friends who read my column.

Once again, thanks for all the beautiful cards as Vickie just brought my mail to me.

Until next time.

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