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Rose Ballard’s family gathers for Christmas

Southern Ohio

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas with Santa leaving plenty of presents under the tree, and a good meal, whether shared with family, friends or eaten alone.

Christmas Eve, my daughter Anna and Scott, Sarah, Jessica, Katelyn and Kyle Nottingham along with Sarah’s fiancé came for supper, then we exchanged gifts.

I always give Anna money to buy gifts for everyone. I feel like I am always cheating, however since the girls are grown and even Kyle, I don’t know what to get them.

Anna and Scott gave me several nice gifts including a heated throw, that I love, a coffee mug that has “The mountains are calling & I must go”, which has been my favorite saying for years, along with a folding Hurry cane. I already have a wooden cane, that I keep in the car. My ankle is getting so weak that I stumble when I try to walk at times.

When Taylor and Sarah are married, I will be getting another grandson, as Taylor is great young man.

As Anna and everyone were returning home, a car was traveling the wrong way on I-74. Anna said there was a fence up, so the Hamilton County Police couldn’t get across. Thank God there wasn’t an accident.

Early afternoon Christmas day, my daughter Angie Wiederhold along with my 13-year-old sidekick, Bennie, came for a short visit as Angie had plans.

Christmas afternoon, my granddaughter Jodi and her husband Carl Davidson came, then a few minutes later my granddaughter Jennifer Gray, her friend Mike, along with my great-grandson 13-year-old T.J., Jennifer’s daughter.

My great-granddaughter Samantha Gray spent Christmas in Texas with her dad.

My oldest daughter Kay Gray is very ill, so she was unable to come out.

I have been sick since before Thanksgiving, and have kept pushing myself almost to a breaking point.

As I was grocery shopping for Christmas Eve supper, I had to write a list. Everything was good as everyone enjoyed the meal.

After ever yone left Christmas Eve, I was exhausted, I fell asleep almost instantly. When I awoke in the middle of the night, I thought of what to prepare for Christmas dinner. All of a sudden I realized I didn’t have anything, as I forgot to get a ham, etc. Of course nothing was open Christmas.

I had food, just not special stuff as I usually fix. Even though I forgot to buy groceries, I still had one thing that you can’t buy at a local grocery store. Thanks to Marcia Caudill for sending me shucky beans for Christmas dinner, which I shared with Ann Calihan. Ann had pickled beets with her shucky beans. I did eat a small amount, knowing what a price I was going to pay. They were delicious.

When I was in the mountains, Bernice Grubb gave me a jar of mixed pickles, which I haven’t opened. In a few days I am going to fix them to share with Ann.

This is the first time in my life I’ve ever forgotten to buy groceries for a holiday.

Kay was very sick. She managed to prepare dinner for her family. When Jodi came to visit, she brought Keith a complete meal.

Memories of Christmas of years ago came flooding in while I was mentally kicking myself for forgetting to buy groceries for this special day. I would always get up early to start preparing for the day, making pudding or pies, along with a platter of peanut butter candy.

Jack would wake up and after fixing his coffee, he would come into the kitchen and start trying to sample what I had prepared.

When I would check the ham, Jack would try to sneak a small piece. By the time I got around to cooking breakfast, Jack wasn’t hungry.

Johnny and Ann Calihan had their family at different intervals due to this thing called pandemic, which doesn’t allow families to gather in large crowds.

Please continue keeping the Calihan family in your prayers.

What I don’t understand why the so-called bigwigs can fly and do what they want to with their families. Go golfing and leaving everything in turmoil, while people are losing their meager means of surviving. There’s an old saying: the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.

2020 has been a year that will surely go down in history, starting with the coronavirus that has made people so ill and has taken so many lives. Coronavirus has hit the Harrison area also. Then an accident on the Brent Spence bridge that connected Ohio and Kentucky closed it for quite some time. The election that is never going away. Now someone has blown up an RV and taken their own life, causing so much destruction in Nashville, Tenn.

From what I understand, officials are trying to find a reason for this monstrous thing to happen. Well, it isn’t going to bring the man back to life, nor repair the damage.

At times I gripe and complain, where I should be thankful for what I have in my life. I do have a warm house, and food to put on my table even though I can’t enjoy eating.

I really try to keep a good outlook instead of always being bitter. I really do have wonderful friends, who show they care in such small ways.

Hello to Buddy and Bernice Grubb. Please say a special prayer for both, as they are having some heath issues.

Hello Mike Grubb. I hope Santa was extra good to you.

Darlene Campbell, I love the ornament. Oh yes the mountains are calling, and just as quick as it gets warm, I will answer that call.

Hello Les and Pat Wagner. I hope you had a good Christmas.

I have to bring this to a close as my blood sugar is dropping.

Until next time.

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