Whitesburg KY

Rosemary Rowe visits Las Vegas

My sister-in-law Mary Ann Morgan was admitted to Whitesburg Appalachian Regional Hospital on Tuesday with breathing problems. They cleaned off her lungs on Thursday. She said afterward she could breath so much better. She got to come home on Friday and is doing a lot better.

My sympathy to the family of Ruby Slone of Knott County. He died on Saturday, Nov. 12, and also to Begie ‘Moose’ Breeding’s family. Moose died on Nov. 13. He was 75.

Happy birthday to Barb Dixon of Carcassonne. It was on Nov. 6. Helen Brunty of Letcher also had a birthday on the 16th, and Donella Madden of Crases Branch had one on Nov. 19. April Back Stevens of Letcher has one the 28th, Marquitta Walters of Blackey has one the 28th, Doris Adams of Blackey has one the 29th, and Sara Porter of Ashland has one the 26th. Sara is the daughter of Virgil and Freda Combs of Carcassonne. Blackey

Jessica Sparks and her girls Kami and Kayde of Blackey and Jaimie Sparks and her son Logan went to Michigan on Wednesday because their stepfather died of a massive heart attack. My sympathy to their mother Paula Sparks and all the family. They came home Monday.

Gail Roark of Carcassonne had surgery in Lexington last week. She came home on Friday and is sore but doing better.

My heart breaks for Brunner and Wanda Caudill of Linefork. Their son Danny Caudill died over the weekend. My sympathy to all the family.

The annual Blackey Library Christmas bazaar will be held on Monday, Nov. 28, from 5 to 8 p.m. There will be crafts, antiques, decorations, beauty products, gift baskets, jewelry and much more. Everyone is welcome. For more info, you can call 633-4013.

Rosemary Rowe of Blackey was in Las Vegas last week. She went with her mother and some other family members. She left on Wednesday and came home on Saturday. Happy anniversary to Rosemary and her husband Randall. It was their 18th on Nov. 20.

My husband Lee Roy and I left out early Saturday morning and went to Abingdon, Va., to some the flea markets over there. They have two big nice ones. We stopped back in Norton, ate, and did some shopping there. We got home after dark .It was a nice day.

I hope all my family and friends have a safe and happy Thanksgiving.

The Carcassonne New Covenant Ministries will present “Follow the Star”, a live nativity scene, on Friday, Dec. 2, and Saturday, Dec. 3, at 7 p.m. nightly. They will be serving hot chocolate, snacks and soup. For more info, call 632-0344 ,633-0851,or 633-4743. Everyone is welcome.

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