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Route 7 antique stores draw customers from surrounding counties

Wow! Where did May go? It’s hard to believe June is here. Hope all had a safe and happy Memorial Day weekend.

We stayed busy with many activities this past weekend. On Friday evening about 60 kinfolks and friends got together at Tommy Harris Smith’s home for the annual soup bean dinner of the Dee and Ethel Smith descendants. Then on Saturday was the reunion dinner.

Tommy’s cabin at the head of Dee Smith Hollow was usually where the soup bean dinner was held, but the road is rough and so much works always has to be done up there, so this year it was held on the main road.

For many years Mary Jo, Anna Lou, Tommy H., Coreen, myself and Burnett Caudill would work hard at getting the cabin area ready. Burnett would always have the place looking good and we missed him this year. His death touched so many hearts.

Lee Pridemore drove to Ohio and brought Roy Kenon and Billie Smith down for the reunion. Roy doesn’t see well and doesn’t drive much. Lee and Wilma took them back home on Monday.

Wilma’s sister Essie is in bad shape in the Hazard hospital, and she is worried about her.

Bob and I attended the recent wedding of Katie Walters and Alex Williams. They were married in the big field at Elwood and Kathy Cornett’s home on the River Road at Blackey. It was a pretty wedding and thankfully only a sprinkle of rain fell. They took a honeymoon at Pawley’s Island in South Carolina.

This past Sunday was the memorial meeting at the Nancy Back and Smith and Dixon cemeteries, and also church time at Dixon Memorial.

We left there and attended the shooting over the graves by the American Legion at Horse Mill Point Cemetery and Burton Hill Cemetery. Many others attended also, and we appreciate the men who dedicate their day to remember our veterans laid to rest in the local cemeteries.

Bob went to the Jeremiah Missionary Baptist Church for a memorial tribute to veterans. His dad, Everett, was a veteran and a member there.

Saturday evening, we attended the memorial meeting at the William Adams Cemetery on Blair Branch. The families appreciate all who come to remember those resting thee. Dee-Dee Stamper had been laid to rest there since last year.

A surprise anniversary celebration was held at Blair Branch Church for J.B. and Helen Blair. Many traveled in for the event and local family and friends attended too. The couple was so surprised. They had no idea, and they appreciated everyone who came.

So happy for Doug Wright, who joined and was baptized at the Jeremiah Missionary Baptist Church.

The antique stores had another weekend of out-oftown shoppers on Hwy. 7 South. People from Shelby, Pike, Garrard, Scott and other surrounding counties made the trip up. Most are looking for bargains and I enjoy meeting and talking with them. I always try to get them to stop at local places for lunch and dinner, too.

Also had visitors who were here to decorate graves at the local cemeteries.

Ronnie and Hester Back and Jim and “Dosh” Fields are so proud of their granddaughter, Sydney Back, who recently was graduated from Lee’s College with a nursing degree. She is a daughter of the late Ikey Back.

Sydney was on the “ Who’s Who” list, and received he Academic Achievement Award from the Hazard Community College. She works at the Primary Care Center, and will later work at the Hazard ARH.

Sydney’s brother, Andrew, was recently graduated from Letcher Central, and was in the top 10 percent of his class, and an honor student.


Not only are their grandparents proud, but so is their mother, Shirley Back, and their families.

Former Jeremiah resident Corrine Bryant Caudill, of Indiana, died recently, and was brought back home for burial. She was a daughter of the late Earl and Alma Caudill Bryant and her funeral was held at the Tolson Creek Church on Monday.

Jerry, Bonita and Ila Adams went to visit Ila’s sister, Eolia, recently, and their brothers, Dean, Shelby and Bill, were also there. They enjoyed being together.

This past weekend was also the memorial meeting at the cemetery behind Opal Duke’s house, and the ashes of David Michael Blair were placed there during the gathering.

Bob and I attended the funeral for Corrine Bryant Back Caudill on Monday and saw my childhood friends, Mary, Ken and Vonda. They lived on Sycamore Loop when we were all young and we would walk across the swinging bridge and play together.

Corrine worked for Frank and Debbie Campbell for years, and also babysat for Annie. She considered Annie as one of her own grandchildren.

Many prayers have been said for the two young men who were injured recently in separate accidents, Landon Wilder and Dalton Slone. Landon was hurt in a four-wheeler wreck, and Dalton in a car accident. We hope they both will be okay.

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