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Routines are out of sync

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The new ways we shop for groceries is only the tip of the iceberg this year. Thanks to the coronavirus, there are a number of other things we will likely end up doing in a different way.

Many of us have put aside one item on our annual to-do list: filing our taxes. The tax due date was pushed back to July 15, and that date is coming up quickly.

If you’ll owe taxes and generally send in a cashier’s check with your return, you’ll need to get that in advance if you don’t want to stand in line in your bank. Many banks are providing services through the drive-up window. Call to ask if you can arrange for a cashier’s check to be waiting for you at the drive-up. Then, to keep from standing in line at the post office to send it certified mail, check with your UPS store. Many of them can do the full array of post office services, and they’re likely to be less busy.

Something else to consider: When it’s time to vote this year, consider whether you’d rather vote by absentee ballot than stand in line. Call your town office and find out how early you need to send in your request for a ballot, as well as return the ballot itself. Ask, too, whether you should return your ballot by mail or if it must be hand delivered to election officials. A number of election offices have secured drop boxes (they look like mail boxes) outside the building. Many states also have in-person early voting during a designated pre-election day period.

If you typically shop the Amazon Prime Day in July, internet rumors say that it likely won’t take place until August or September. Keep an eye on Amazon for news about this.

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