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Rowe family heads for the beach


I just have a small column this week.

I wanted to send my sympathy to the family of Gaynell Begley. She died May 14 at Letcher Manor Nursing Home where she had been for a long time. My memory of Gaynell was every time you went by her and Joe’s store at Blackey she was always sitting on that metal swing at the end of the porch reading. She was 91.

Jason Adams of the Frog Pond at Blackey had surgery on his thyroid in Lexington on Thursday and they found out his cancer had spread. He was in surgery for over five hours. Hopefully they can take care of the rest with treatment or surgery. He is the son of Ray and Doris Adams.

Randy, Rosemary, Tyler and Morgan Rowe of Caudills Branch left for Myrtle Beach on Sunday. They were planning on staying till Thursday.

Sandy Adams of Jeremiah is still in the University of Kentucky Hospital. She was doing some better, but then on Friday she had to have surgery again on the aneurysm they had clamped up about a week earlier. It started bleeding again. She is having a really hard time. I wish her the best.

Sandy and Toby’s granddaughter, Lauren, got sick and had a fever of 104. She is the daughter of Leslie Gibson and Dustin Adams. They have been going down to see Sandy as much as they can.

We attended the graduation at Letcher County Central High School on Friday. Our son, Justin, graduated and it went very smooth for so many graduating, which was close to 200 students. It only lasted a couple of hours and it was a very nice ceremony.

Happy birthday to my mom, Jean Blair of Elk Creek. It’s on May 28.

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