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Rowes mark 19th anniversary


Brenda ‘Shorty’ Caudill of Letcher had to be taken from a campground on Sunday in London where she and her husband Loye were camping, then flown out to the University of Kentucky hospital in Lexington because she had started hemorrhaging. She had complications from a surgical procedure she had had recently. They said her blood pressure at one time was 50/30. Thankfully she is doing better and was able to come home on Tuesday evening. I hope she feels better soon.

Happy anniversary to Randall and Rosemary Rowe of Blackey. It was their 19th on Nov. 20th.

Emory Caudill of Carcassonne had to have more stents put in on Tuesday at WARH. He had been having shortness of breath and they found more blockage. He came home on Wednesday.

Happy birthday to Donella Madden of Crases Branch. It was on Nov. 19. Sara Combs Porter, formerly of Carcassonne now of Ashland, had a birthday on the 26th. Marquitta Walters of Blackey and April Back Stevens of Letcher both have one on the 28th, and Doris Adams of Blackey on the 29th.

My sympathy to the family of Bill Duke of Paintsville. He died on Nov. 19. They said he had a massive heart attack. He was the son of the late John and Bonnie Duke of Letcher.

Myself, my husband Lee Roy, grandbaby Kennadie and my daughter Jennifer went to the Blackey Head Start and had Thanksgiving dinner with my grandson Kaleb on Tuesday. All the workers did a good job and we had a nice dinner. I really hate though that the big schools don’t do that anymore or have parties that the parents can attend. I went to every dinner and party my kids had when they were little.

Prayers for Bruner Caudill of Linefork. He fell the day before Thanksgiving and broke his hip. He was taken to the Pikeville hospital and on Friday they did surgery on his hip and he had a heart attack while he was in surgery. He is doing some better as of Saturday but has a long recovery ahead. I wish him the best.

Tara Couch of Linefork has been in the HARH since Thursday night. As of Saturday she was doing some better. I’m not sure if she is home yet or not. I hope she feels better soon.

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