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RR2 plays at bluegrass festival

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Happy September!

Can you believe August has come and gone already? Actually I am looking forward to this year being over, just to see if next year can be any better. It surely can’t get much worse!

I think it is time for me to give writing a rest, stay off the computer and television, and become a hermit!

There is so much sadness every place you turn, and more two-faced people that you run into.

I may not heed Pam’s sister’s advice. I might just find that truck driver, even if he is sporting a tattoo and is a stranger.

Okay you had your laugh.

Saturday afternoon found me at the Milan, Ind. Bluegrass Festival. As usual this was a last minute decision. RR2 Band was the opening band, and of course this has been a favorite of mine for several years. Wildwood Valley Boys, Tom & Feller & The Grascals did a great show.

Bruce Murray, the lead guitar player for RR2, has finally almost bounced back from his awful bout of health problems.

Andy Disney replaced Gary Eldridge as mandolin player. Andy is doing a terrifi c job. You have heard the expression that one monkey don’t stop no show, and in this case it is a proven fact. It took one phone call and the Rural Route 2 rolls on.

Greg Griffin is singing some new tunes, Bob Bentley is still thrilling the crowd with that fiddle, and John Wise is very good on the electric bass.

I hear Gary Eldridge is enjoying Florida and still fishing a little, and trying a new bait.

I wasn’t feeling well so I decided not to try to dance on the sparse grass, that is until I passed a guy who had been dancing by himself for some time. As I passed I danced a few steps, and a very steps it was, as I turned I felt dizzy. I tried to catch my balance, and the man slightly bumped me, and I hit the dirt.

The man was nice enough to hold my hand as I got up, asking if I was alright. I laughed and said I might not have looked like a whale, but I am sure I looked like a fluffy penguin as I had on a black top.

I guess everyone who actually seen me fall thought I was drinking as no one bothered to ask or see if I was hurt. Thank goodness the only thing that was hurt was my pride, so I dusted it off and dealt with the skinned palm of my left hand.

Sunday morning, I awoke to the fact that I was sore in the rib cage where I had open-heart surgery. I could hardly breathe, along with some bruises that no one will ever see.

I am just thankful I wasn’t hurt bad, and more grateful there wasn’t someone with a camera. It sure would have made number one for the funniest video.

Jeff and Betty Fox from Centerville joined me for the day. Jeff and Betty are the Ralph Stanley Fan Club President. Betty is Norma Ashcraft’s sister. Norma is president of Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana Bluegrass Association.

Ralph Stanley will be appearing at The Mountain Arts Center in Prestonsburg, Sept. 6. Mitchell Shepherd Jr. will be opening for Ralph Stanley.

Mitchell Shepherd Jr. was at Sugar Grove Opry at Linefork some time ago. It wasn’t possible for me to attend I am looking forward to hearing him in the future as Mitchell is a good ole Kentucky guy.

For those of you close to the MACC, please remember Sept. 6, and check Ralph’s schedule for time.

Richard Caudill decided to put aside his wonderful writings for one evening to attend Isom Days and try a new adventure at bull riding. I hear he almost conquered this feat until the bull won out by throwing Richard off.

Oh what I would have given to been there. After seeing if he was alright, I would probably have laughed until I had to leave to change clothes. I am sure he would have laughed at me going for a dive without water.

Ricky was a little sore the next morning. When are we going learn? I don’t think ever.

Les and Pat Wagner enjoyed a few days in their home away from home. I am glad these two can get away to enjoy themselves, I am sure James and John Ison enjoy their visit very much. James and John are two fine young lads.

Larry and Becky Hasty I hope you and everyone are alright.

Les and Pat, Larry and Becky, don’t forget Letcher County Picnic is approaching too fast. I hope to see everyone here.

Doyle and Betty Ison, the idea of making me a little house out of your building is becoming really a good idea. Don’t worry about a bathroom, I will run way down the hill. Getting back up may become a problem, so just build me a shack down among the trees.

My sincere sympathy goes out to the friends and family, as my heart is so heavy as I read of the death of a young woman, Jamie Cook from Eolia. I didn’t know Jamie in person, but we have been Facebook friends for a couple of years. Jamie had just celebrated a year with a double transplant.

Jamie was a very vibrant young woman, and this goes to prove we don’t ever know the demons that are in someone’s inner core of their life. I’ve come to love this young woman for her inspirations and her motivation of not giving up.

Johnny and Ann Calihan, I apologize for making you married a year longer, since you really celebrated 67 wonderful years together.

Mark your calendars for Letcher County Day, Harrison Community Center, 300 George St., Harrison, Oh. 45030, on Sept. 27, from 12-? Behind the big shelter. Bring a covered dish and your beverage.

I am sorry it is one of those times when I am struggling to write as there’s so much laying heavy on my mind and heart.

Please take time to look at a morning sunrise or an evening sunset, most of all give your loved one a hug.

Until next time, Rose Ballard, 9110 Lawrenceburg Rd., Harrison, Ohio 45030, email: Bluegrassmama4@aol.com, telephone, 513- 367-4682.

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