Whitesburg KY

Ruby Adams had 45 for Christmas

Happy New Year, everyone. Well, we hope Santa was good to everyone, but especially just brought us together with our loved ones and watching the little ones’ faces when Santa brought them their gifts.

The center was closed last Monday and Tuesday because of the snow. We were glad to go back in Wednesday.

Linda Curry went to Ohio to see her daughter before Christmas, and had a great time. She got back home for Christmas.

Ruby Adams had 45 at her house for the season. Linda’s son and his family came and spent Christmas with her.

Jewell Maggard’s daughter, Becky, is moving back here from Greenville, Tenn. She is so excited to have her coming back home.

Wilma Hampton has had some family sickness, so their Christmas is ‘on hold’ for awhile.

Our other seniors, Fran Ryan, Peggy Sturgill, Nancy and Archie Hubbard, Marvilene Quillen, Kathleen Hammons, the Halbertstadts, the Pauleys, John Sayer, Janie and Bennie Sturgill, Sherry and Carl Sumpter, Clyde Ryan, and Marvin Maggard, all had a wonderful Christmas.

Our site manager Carmen Brock says her Christmas was good also.

Our prayer list is: Orville Collier, Garland Couch, Jean Hunsucker, Jean Hampton, Ruby Caudill, Debbie Miranda, Jasmine Reed, and Naomi Short.

That’s all for this week. I will try to catch you next week.

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