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Ruby Galloway has lived in North Carolina 44 years

North Carolina

This is a happy New Year greeting to Rose Ballard Durham and Emma Engle. Hope you both have a blessed year. I would love to have a picture of little Bennie. Kiss him for me.

Pete and I along with others have had this virus. Each one at church had cough drops and I made the comment we were exchanging cough drops.

We had a wonderful Christmas, the best I have had in many years.

We have been in so many activities. We had a wonderful supper with Ruby and Addie Fay, so I choose them as people of the week. These two are Virginia natives. Ruby Thomas Galloway is 84, lives in Leland, N.C., with daughter Addie Fay Maggard.

Ruby was born in Inman, Va., and raised in Appalachia, Va. Ruby has resided in North Carolina since 1963, has been here 44 years. I have known Ruby for many years and so has my family. She is a sweet lady and I love to visit with her. She loves her cat, a cat lover. She is always laughing. It is a pleasure to have her as a friend.

Daughter Addie Faye Maggard was married to the late Edward Maggard, son of the late Tincle Maggard, grandson of the late Elige Maggard, my granddad. Addie Fay and family moved to North Carolina in July 1962, and moved to their current home in December 1967. Eddie and Addie have four sons and a daughter, Debby, Buster, P.Jib, Timmy, and Vance. Timmy lives in Michigan and the rest live in South and North Carolina. Addie Fay is closer to me than blood relatives. Many blessings to these two friends.

Pete and I spent Christmas in Sanford with the grandbabies. Caleb rode me on his fourwheeler, then I rode with Chanel around the field. Alizah got a four-wheeler, too. They get a new one every Christmas.

As Rose Ballard said, we children didn’t get very much at Christmas, a doll, but the Christmases back then were more joyful than now. We decorated our tree with colored pictures from a coloring book as children. My grandchildren got enough for 10 children. Modern times, don’t you know?

And, Rose, I do remember those toilets. I used one last November while in Mexico.

I remember my brothers, Earl, Kenny, and Vernon, smoking in the toilet, and Daddy saying, “Look, old woman, the outhouse is on fire.” We children smoked rabbit tobacco.

I look back at yesterday, too, Rose. Good memories, huh Emma?

The Church of Christ had a fish fry for teh community and the food was good. I saw old friends I had not seen in years. There were hayrides, lots of activity. Little Adam, as I call him, is now a dad with sons Jonah, 2, and Ayin, 2 months. Adam is a karate teacher same as my son, Terrance. Tyler Casto, 12, is a brown belt, Caleb, 7, a blue belt.

I met a nice lady that has the same birthday as me. She is from Yacolt, Wash., in Hidden Valley, Wash.

Pastor Rick Van Massey of the Church of Christ has this Friends and Neighbors Day fish fry every year. This was the first for me but not the last. I met the Eversoles, originally from Kentucky.

People in general just don’t get out and visit as they used to, too bad, too. Time is going fast, the old and the new.

Speaking of new, my brother, Earl, has a baby great-granddaughter, 9 pounds, 10 ounces, Ashlyn Camille. Mom Amy is a proud mom.

My friend, Ethel, had this little wild kitten, a lynx, and several people wanted it but couldn’t catch it. We tried and failed, so we took a net and wanted to get it. I opened the car door, put my hand toward it, and called “kitty, kitty.” Here it was and I just reached down and got it. I named him King and Pete named him Tut, so we now have King Tut. I am in the process of taming a wild lynx kitten, just up my alley. I must have been born with the love of animals.

We are having beautiful weather, a warm, misty rain. Pete has his goats out. We have had frost though, and cold days. Me, I love inbetween weather.

The Christmas decorations are down. We will take our church decorations down Sunday and I will be taking potato soup and the pastor will take fried cornbread. When we put them up, the pastor cooked pintos. The pastor, Sister Merlene, and I are good friends. I am one year older than her. We like the same food and ways in general.

God is always with us. He is our hope and our comfort, a refuge when we need wisdom and guidance and strength for the day.

In closing, I wish you peace, the kind of peace that only God can give, a deep, heartfelt serenity for every day you live, to wish you love and courage for the challenges life brings, along with every confidience that God will handle things. By Emily Mathews.

Blessings to all, Gladys, Pete and critters.

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