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Sad news at family gathering


Today is Sunday, June 1, another day to love the Lord Jesus and thank Him for His loving us enough to keep us another day in His beautiful world. It is so precious to be able to look out and see the blue sky and the billowy, white clouds floating over the mountains and valleys.

I think Him for the safe trip to Indiana to visit my dear brother and his wife and his sweet family members.

My sister Judith and her husband, Don Disney of Cumberland, took me with them, and I will always treasure them for getting to go with them. We left here on Tuesday and stayed three nights with them, and had an enduring visit talking and cooking and eating all kinds of good food.

Judith and I did the preparing of the food. Emory loves good country food. Darlene, his wife, never learned to cook like we all did. She is an Indiana girl and they don’t cook Kentucky style. Ha, ha! Now they are both pretty sick and not able to do much of anything anymore.

Emory will be 81 years old in December, and Darlene will be 74 in this month on the 26th, and they will be celebrating their 54th anniversary the same day as her birthday.

They are too sick to do anything real special. He has Parkinson’s disease, and has a hard time walking — has to use a walker— and Darlene had two heart attacks and she is so weak it’s hard for her to do much of anything. She has a pacemaker.

I took a big mess of fresh peas out of our garden, and Judith took frozen green beans and stuff to cook them with, and oh, how they loved all the food we fixed.

We had peas, green beans with potatoes, Polish sausage with green peppers and onions, mac and cheese and crackling bread, and peach and strawberry cobbler with ice cream. It was really good.

They only have the daughter and her husband and three grandchildren and two great-grandsons. The oldest grandson, Nicklos, is married and he and Julie have the two great-grandsons, Ethan and Evan. The granddaughter, Mary Lee, is married and lives in Indianapolis, and one grandson, Nemo, is still single and is in college. He stays home.

We were saddened very much when we got news that Julie has cancer. Nick got a call and didn’t tell us at first what was wrong. He said, “I have to go to a meeting” and told us to pray for him as he left. Then they called all the family to meet at Emory’s.

They all came and we had supper and then he told us all to come to the living room, he had to tell us some news. That was conclusion of the happy time together.

We left on Friday morning with sad hearts, not knowing what all the test results would be. Then, when they did the PET scans, the news wasn’t good at all. They were to know Monday what the worst will be. We are just waiting for that and praying it won’t be too bad.

Then, Darlene called Judith and told her that Emory had fallen and cut his head in the back on the cabinet corner. They had left with him to go to the hospital. It was bleeding badly. We will find out later how bad. I just hope it won’t be too serious.

When we were on our way home, we stopped by our cousin Juanita Elkins’s home in Columbus. She was home and was surprised to see us. She lives alone. Her husband died years ago and her two sons are married and have families. Juanita is 86 years young and does well so far. She mows her yard and drives to the store and does her housework. She looked good.

She called her sister Earnesteen and husband and they came over to see us also. So we had a good visit with them. She has two brothers living close, also but we didn’t get to see them. They are children of our Aunt Hattie Miller, our dad Victor Cornett’s sister.

We enjoyed seeing them and hearing their family news. All were doing okay. Earnesteen’s husband had been really sick after a heart attack and a stroke, but is doing so much better at this time.

We have other cousins that living close by, Evadean, Maelean and James. We didn’t get to go see them, but Juanita said Mae had been sick with pneumonia. So sorry to hear that. Our prayers go out to all of them and my love.

I was really glad to get home after all that, and be with my three sons, Daniel, Donald and Randy. They had been missing their mom.

My granddaughter Lauren and her son came to visit for a while. She stays with her pap-aw Clyde Disney at Blair. He had his 89th birthday last week. He doesn’t feel well either. He loves her staying with him.

I hope everything will get back to normal again soon. I was really tired over the long trip, but, oh, I thank God for getting to go one more time. I don’t feel up to doing a lot of traveling anymore myself, only I love to see all my people.

We are all getting to the age of not being able to do a lot anymore.

I think I’ll say good night and go get this to the Eagle office.

God loves you all and so do I.

Talk to you later.

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