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Sad occasions bring families back together


I thought I wouldn’t have a column for a couple of weeks since it is the busy holiday season, but I’ll jot down a few things while I have a spare minute.

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas and remembered to keep the spirit of Christ in their holiday celebration.

Our family was saddened with the death of our aunt, Mamie Engle. She hadn’t been feeling well for quite some time and had been for a biopsy recently. Her daughter, Bobbie, had taken her and was with her when she passed away Dec. 22.

Her funeral was held Dec. 26 at the Dixon Memorial Church and the church was almost filled completely with family and friends who came to pay their last respects to Mamie, and to mourn with the family.

It’s sad that the only time we get to see all our cousins is usually at funerals.

The children of Mamie’s brother, Blaine, from Ohio, were here for the service and I hadn’t seen them since our grandmother, Virgie Adams Stacy, passed away.

We had dinner for the family after services and all of us appreciated the use of Dixon Memorial Church during our loss.

Harrison Engle and his family stayed with Coreen and Don during his mother’s death, and Wilma Jean and her family stayed at Mamie’s home. This only leaves Dock, Ivan, Juanita and Coreen still living in the once large family of Dan and Virgie Adams.

While working at the Cracker Barrel restaurant at Corbin, Jessie, our daughter, was pleased to talk with Steve and Veatrice Adams’s daughter, Sandy. Bob, Opal, Sue, Hunter and I had just left the restaurant when Sandy stopped in. We’re sorry we missed talking with her.

One more thing, the family of the late Mark and Minta Pridemore recently had a Christmas get-together at their cabin at Cave Run Lake. All enjoyed being together.

Hope Flarrie Caudill is doing alright with her cataract surgery.

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