Whitesburg KY

Sad occasions bring friends together

Big Cowan

Well, another neighbor across the way has died.

Delbert Jones of Linefork died. His visitation was at Everidge Funeral Home on April 26. It is sad to say, but you see more people at funerals than any place.

Several Old Regular Baptist ministers were there, Elwood Cornett, Charles Shepherd, Harvey Creech, and Bob Halcomb. Also, Delbert’s nephew, Wayne Turner, and the Blessed Friends all had a service.

I didn’t know Delbert, but I used to go to church with his late brother, Albert Jones from Indiana, and his sister, Dorothy Roark, also of Indiana. I met his sister, Odessa Lewis, and his brother, Bruce Jones of Linefork.

I also saw Anna Lene Jones of Indiana, Ruth Frazier of Linefork, and Herman J. Fields’s daughter who lives on Linefork. She is 4 1/2 months pregnant with her first child, and it’s a boy! I think her name is Glenna.

It was really good to see everyone, but I wish it had been under different circumstances.

Remember Chenille Roark in your prayers. She is a dear friend who lives in Indiana. Also remember Tim Dobson of Columbus, Ind., in your prayers.

My cat had six baby kittens on April 24. They are doing real well. Their mother is such a good mama! One of the kittens has died.

Well, I guess Chris Adams is on his way to Rome, Italy. He is a professor in Kingsport, Tenn., and some of his students are going there. He will be gone for about two months. His grandma, Irene Day, hates for him to go, but I am sure he will have a good time and see lots of places.

Kathy and Ed Wolfe, myself and my husband, James, and son Mike all went to some of the yard sales on State Rd. 7 on Friday. We had a good time, then went to eat at Taco Bell. It was a fun day, but a very long day. We bought a few items.

The Freewill Baptist Church at Whitco had a benefit singing and dinner on Saturday, May 2. The preaching was great.

Happy birthday this month to: Thomas Wolfe, Emma Adams, Linda (Day) Fields, Charles and Pat Large. I hope you all have a good one.

Happy Mother’s Day this month, and those of you who are blessed to still have your mother with you, give them a call or send flowers, or just tell them that you love them.

Burdine Gilley of Columbus, Ind., is in dire need of our prayers, as well as his sister, Kathleen Sexton.

See you next week!

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