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Safety must not be sacrificed for money

Cross-wired brakes. Cracks in fuselages. Missed inspections. Fuel leaks caused by a faulty bolt. Questions about fire-suppression systems.

Questions about commercial aircraft safety have been making headlines for the past several weeks, but the biggest question has to be, how were these problems allowed to get this far?

Airline passengers and crew members are entitled to a reasonable expectation of safety when they fly. …

Maintenance of aircraft should be meticulous, airline standards of safety and maintenance must be high and problems with aircraft shouldn’t be ignored.

There’s a lot of pressure on airlines these days. Fuel costs are spiking, on-board service and amenities are decreasing, competition for passengers is fierce, and on-time and baggage problems don’t seem to get better.

What must not happen is that safety concerns are sacrificed in pursuit of the almighty dollar. …

This sudden spate of safety concerns with airlines makes one wonder whether the Federal Aviation Administration is paying enough attention to airline safety. …

It seems likely that the airlines need to spend more time on inspection and maintenance of their equipment.

And the FAA should provide closer oversight of the airlines’ safety procedures.

Passengers deserve that.

– El Paso (Texas) Times

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