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Salome’s Stars



ARIES ( March 21 to
April 19) Keep those
sharp Sheep eyes focused
on a hazy situation. As
things begin to clear up,
you’ll find a sharper picture emerging, showing
something you will need
to know.
TAURUS (April 20 to
May 20) Watch your expenses through the end of
the month. Later, you’ll be
glad to have extra money
to pay for something that
will make an acquisitive
Bovine’s heart beat faster.
GEMINI ( May 21 to
June 20) You’re now ready
to make that oft-deferred
commitment, if you still
believe it’s what you want.
Don’t be afraid to change
your mind if you feel you
should go in another direction. CANCER ( June 21 to
July 22) Now that you are
moving on with your life
after that recent disappointment, how about
reactivating your travel
plans and taking someone
special along with you.
LEO (July 23 to August
22) Many new friends
come into your personal life, which suits all of
you social Lions just fine.
However, one new friend
might make demands that
you could find difficult to
deal with.
VIRGO (August 23 to
September 22) Communication doesn’t exist unless
it’s two-way. So if you’re
getting no replies to the
signals you’re sending, it
could be time to look for
someone more receptive.
LIBRA (September 23
to October 22) A workplace complication that
you thought was ironed
out develops new wrinkles that need attention.
Meanwhile, expect continuing improvement in
your home life.
SCORPIO (October 23
to November 21) A tense
personal problem needs
to be talked out before
someone decides to walk
out. Resist making decisions until full explanations are offered from
both sides.
SAGITTARIUS ( November 22 to December
21) A technological glitch
that caused problems recently will soon be repaired, and life can return
to normal. A colleague has
a surprising message to
CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Your
partner might feel that
you haven’t been as open
with him or her as you
should be. Deal with this
now, before it turns into
something more difficult
to handle.
AQUARIUS ( January
20 to February 18) Good
news: Many of the stumbling blocks that affected
the progress of some of
your career projects are
fading away. Things also
start to look up on the
home front.
PISCES (February 19 to
March 20) You’ll need that
strong Piscean pluck to get
through waters that will
be turbulent for a while. A
more positive aspect soon
emerges, along with some
welcome news.
You are zealous in the
pursuit of truth. You
would make an excellent
research scientist.

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