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Mostly clear

Salome’s Stars



ARIES ( March 21 to
April 19) I know, dear
Lamb, that you don’t like
anyone trying to take
charge of one of your
projects, but try to be a
bit more flexible. A new
idea could help hasten a
positive result.
TAURUS ( April 20 to
May 20) I’m sure, like the
time- thrifty Taurus that
you are, that you’ve done
much of your holiday
shopping. But don’t relax
yet. Wrap those gifts now
to save yourself lots of
unwanted pressure.
GEMINI ( May 21 to
June 20) Be receptive
when a family member
or friend asks to confide
in you. Your positive reaction could ensure that he
or she will have a happy
holiday experience.
CANCER ( June 21 to
July 22) Don’t be rushed
into wrapping up that
workplace problem. Consider leaving it until after
the holidays. This way
you’ll have the facts you
need to reach the right
LEO ( July 23 to August 22) You’ll get news
that will make you glow
brighter than the lights
of the holiday season. Be
sure to use what you learn
both carefully and kindly,
to avoid giving the wrong
VIRGO ( August 23
to September 22) That
frayed relationship could
be mended in time for the
holidays if you were more
flexible. Give a little, and
you could get back a lot
more than you imagined.
LIBRA (September 23
to October 22) Things
might not seem to be
settling down as quickly
as you would prefer. But
it might be just a little
holiday time flutter. You’ll
soon get news that will
lead to more stability.
SCORPIO (October 23
to November 21) Stop getting so involved in everyone’s personal problems
that you lose precious
time with loved ones.
Remember, even the Supreme Court closes for
the holidays.
SAGITTARIUS ( November 22 to December
21) All signs point to a
bright holiday, with all
of those pesky problems
finally resolved in your favor. Share the good times
with people you love and,
of course, who love you.
CAPRICORN (December 22 to January 19) Your
plans should not be set
in stone and cemented
over. Leave some openings in case you need to
make changes. Spend the
holidays with your nearest and dearest.
AQUARIUS ( January
20 to February 18) Surprise! This holiday finds
you on the receiving end
of the generosity of those
who are usually the recipients of so much that
you give so freely and
PISCES ( February 19
to March 20) That piece
of good news assures that
you’ll be swimming in
clearer, calmer waters
this holiday season. There
might be a storm or two
ahead, but you’ll weather
it all in fine style.
You have a flair for seeing
things as you’d like them
to be, as well as a gift for
turning your perceptions
into reality.

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