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Sandlick Fire Department deserves much appreciation


Hello, everyone. Hope you are doing well and enjoying the nice weather. It is fall now but it sure feels like summer. We sure need rain but we can’t control the weather and it’s probably a good thing.

Ada and Arthur King in Miamisburg, Ohio, Clyde and I both enjoyed the musical card you sent. It’s on his board at the Veterans Center. Thank you so much for thinking of us. You are special!

Also, Kathy Nelson in Alabama (our granddaughter), thank you for the pretty grandparents’ card. I didn’t even know it was Grandparents’ Day.

It was good seeing Diane Lewis and her family at Pine Mountain Grill and meeting her beautiful little granddaughter. My son, Rob, said he thought about how cute she was all evening. She’s a little doll!

I want to tell all the men at Sandlick Fire Department how nice they have it looking. Every time I go up there I see improvements. I wanted to talk to Buddy Sexton and ask who had done all that. He did say Doug Benton had done some of it. You boys are really appreciated! I don’t think any fire department can compare with it. It’s such a good place for family gatherings and showers and parties and you are all so nice and helpful. I think I can speak for everyone when I say a great big thank you.

Louise Shepherd, Carol Day and Joyce Howard went to Virginia on Saturday shopping and having a good time and some good food.

I enjoyed going to “The Singing by the River.” The Baker Family and lots of others sponsored it. The Baker Family has been doing it every year and it makes a good day for us. There was a good crowd there, food and prizes and good fellowship. I enjoyed sitting with the Pennington girls, Dorthy Tackett, Pearl Noble, and Linda Hall, and two of Dorthy’s daughters, Charlene Mason and Deloris Holbrook, also Zelma and Bert Banks and Kathleen and Lucky Sexton. Kathleen is not doing too well and is needing everyone’s prayers.

I guess one of the big excitements of the week was my son’s haircut after the ball game Friday night. I hope you Cougars realize the sacrifice Larry Hatton made for you. He had been offered $500 one time and wouldn’t take it. I think they made a big production of it and Larry had a ball along with everyone else, especially Hillard Howard (his uncle) and Kevin Day (his son-in-law). He looks really good. Some of you may not recognize him now.

I enjoyed a picnic on Sunday at Kingdom Come State Park and the Little Shepherd Trail with Sandra and Billy Hatton, Angie Mullins and her children Sam and Ellie Beth, and Franka Mullins. I had four generations of my family. I enjoyed all of it, even the long walks we took. The children had a ball; all three of us ladies are their grandmothers. I was the only one who is a “great” one. Ha, Ha.

Everyone asks how Clyde is doing. He is about the same. The only pain he has is in one leg, otherwise his health seems to be OK. Keep him in your prayers. I appreciate Emma Lou Engle mentioning him.

Our Howard family reunion is next Saturday at Fishpond Lake, and our Mountain Heritage is this week also. We will probably be seeing lots of people and hopefully have lots of good news, so I won’t be so boring.

May God bless all of you. Try to be in church this week. We’ve been having a good attendance at our church and some real good preaching and Sunday School teaching.

This news from the Ermine Senior Citizens Center:

“The Ermine senior citizens went to Pikeville to visit the medical center. Different employees gave good talks about the different things they do to help the patients.


“Dinner was served and numbers were drawn for gifts. Several of our seniors won gifts. Thanks to the hospital for inviting us.

“The Ermine senior citizens had their Western hoe-down and more than 80 people attended. Danny Webb, our sheriff, and Deputy Eugene Slone came and gave out lots of nice gifts. The Country Gentleman and his wife furnished the music and donated CDs to be given away.

“Jimmy McIntosh brought his horse and buggy. Lots of our seniors had pictures taken with them.

Faye Pease, Della Lowe, and Faye’s daughters led the line dancing. Kentuckians for the Commonwealth (KFTC) people were there also. Thanks, Patty.

County Judge Jim Ward and the deputy judge joined us. Jenkins seniors came and had fun.

Everidge Funeral Home brought a tent and put it up for us. Thank you. Thanks to Frazier Farmer Supply for the straw, Food World for its donations, the man at Payne Gap for letting us have the pumpkins. Thanks to all of you.

“We gave gifts and had lots of good food. Thanks to all that helped with our party. We had a wonderful crowd and great day. Ermine seniors want to thank our site manager, Debbie Slone, for doing a great job decorating our center and the hard work she put into it. Thanks again, Debbie.”

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