Whitesburg KY

Santa has gone back to the North Pole


I guess old Santa has gone back to the North Pole with his “ho-ho-ho’s.”

The weather is so nice, it surely doesn’t feel too Christmas y so far. We have been blessed with nice weather. Not too many frosty mornings.

We were saddened by the death of Harding Ison. He came by often and now we will miss his visits. Whatever fits into God’s great plan. We’ll surely go at the appointed time.

I know the Isons were saddened this Christmas. I know by my own experience what it means to lose a dear one at Christmas time. I lost a brother in 1935 on Christmas Eve and I know what it means.

Harding was so good to stop by when he went to town. It is like the saying, “Here today, gone tomorrow.” The family has our deepest sympathy. We loved Harding, too.

Inavae Fields died. She was the daughter of the late Chester and Izetta Fields and was raised on Kingdom Come in the Spicewood Branch.

So many people have been called away from Kingdom Come and I hope they are in a far better home today. Nearly all the old ones are gone from Kingdom Come. I guess Clarence and I are nearly the oldest ones.

All the hollows and branches used to be full, and now there are just a few on the main creek.

Chuck Shufford called the other day wishing us a merry Christmas. We were always good to The Mountain Eagle workers and they haven’t forgotten us.

Ben Caudill and son Benjamin and daughter Rebekah came by for awhile. They live in Georgetown, but they usually come by to see us. We really appreciate having them.

I hope everyone, especially the little ones, had a wonderful holiday. I am sure many were disappointed, but there are so many organizations that help today.

I hope every stocking was stuffed full of goodies and that everyone had a good Christmas dinner.

Clarence and I ate by ourselves. The children like to be home and I don’t blame them. That was where we always were when our children were home.

We received so many gifts, and our nephew in Florida sent us a crate of fruit, oranges and grapefruit. Doris Banks brought homemade candy. Clarence had plenty, and I have to leave sweetening as I am diabetic.

I think we had a wonderful Christmas. Plenty fruit, nuts and candy and gifts, but we will try not to bother “Ole Ho-Ho-Ho” for another year.

We got so many beautiful Christmas cards and most had a message wrote in them.

My column is short, I just wanted everyone to know we appreciated every act of kindness. We need our good friends.

Don’t forget us now that Christmas is over. Pray for us when you have a mind, and our wish for you all is, “God bless each and every one of you in this year of our Lord 2009.”

Happy New Year.

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