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Mostly clear

Santa never left lump of coal

Can you believe November 2011 is over and we are in final month of this year? Soon the jolly old man will be making his rounds. I do hope everyone has been good, would hate to hear all you found in your stocking was a lump of coal.

I remember Mom and Dad telling us if we weren’t good all Santa would leave us was a lump of coal. We honestly tried, but sometimes it was hard to do as most of you would know how it can be when a whole passel of children are together. We must have done well because I don’t remember anyone ever getting coal. Course we did not get a lot, candy, fruit, a much needed pair of gloves, stockings or caps and we usually did get one small toy. Regardless of what we got we were so happy and excited. I’m sure lots of you got the same.

Niece Christy Adams called me Tuesday. Jeanie had fallen in their driveway, breaking some bones which I will write about as soon as I get the particulars. Jeanie is in the hospital and will most likely have surgery tomorrow. Couldn’t have it today as it was dialysis day.

I don’t know about these Sergent girls. We gotta be the most graceful people as we have all had some pretty bad falls. Sarah Belle fell several times, Anna Lea has had a few bad ones. Then there’s me, course you heard all about my mishaps. Our son Bob always say, “Mom is so graceful she could trip over the yellow line in the street!”

We saw our first bit of snow this morning, not a lot and it was soon gone. Was cold and windy most of the day with a bit of sun peeking out now and then. Northeast Ohio

Got your tree and decorations up and how about your shopping? Not going to be a lot of shopping for us but may put out a few Christmas items and of course I’ll set up my little tree. We really downsized two years ago, went from a tree that almost reached the ceiling to one I set on a crate covered with a tree skirt, no decorating necessary, already done, even has lights. Used to have Christmas open house the Sunday before, had gifts for everyone who stopped by and loads of food. Kinda miss having it but just can’t do it anymore, much as I would love to. I’m sure most of the family will stop by at some time during the holiday.

I have talked to all my brothers and sisters this week, most seem to be moving but some slower than others. Wish we were able to be together but I suppose the next best thing is to call and talk.

Christy called this afternoon. Jeanie broke her left arm (or wrist) and the right leg just above the knee. Both were clean breaks so no surgery due to her general health and other considerations. They are hoping both will heal naturally. She has to stay off her leg for one month. It will probably seem like a year. Santa is sure to leave her nice gifts, ‘cause now she can’t be naughty.

Georgia called. They are having Wendy’s for supper and wanted to bring ours so we could all eat together. I didn’t say no, and I just made a fresh pot of coffee. Food is better when you can share.

Red has had a really bad day. Thought I was going to have to call an ambulance and have him taken to hospital. He’s a stubborn sort so he gives me some lip when I say anything about the hospital. Guess I’ll just have to turn him across my knees and swat his behind a few licks.

You should have seen the frost this morning, a lot more of it than yesterday’s snow. Haven’t heard from Catharine since Monday and talked to Bill once Tuesday. Seems most of what I have written is about family and I’m thinking everyone has deleted this article. So sorry!

Have gotten several Christmas cards and each day I try to get some in the mail. I’m telling you, time seems to be gathering speed day by day.

Better put an ending to this ‘fore Catharine shows up. Don’t wanna have her waiting. Course she would never complain, she’s a good’un.

Several houses here on our street are really beautifully decorated and our neighbor across the street has her tree up.

Richard and Georgia brought supper, good! And right now their daughter Debbie and two of their grandchildren, Cassie and Kristin, came by.

Gotta get this ready now. Y’all have a good week and look for me same time, same place, next week.

Love and prayers to all.

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