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Santa to make rounds in Neon area on Friday, police chief tells council

Santa Claus will get an early start on Christmas by making his rounds from Neon to Haymond this Friday.

Police Chief Mike Dingus told the Fleming-Neon City Council at its December meeting that Santa will start his rounds in Neon at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, December 16, and move through Fleming, McRoberts, and Hemphill. Dingus said the ride will go “until we run out of presents, or it gets too cold for Santa.”

In other business, Chief Dingus reported that activity for the department is down and said it is probably because of cold weather. Dingus also told the council that the 2012 four-wheel drive police model Chevy Tahoe the department has ordered will not be ready at the anticipated date but will take approximately 16 weeks to be ready for pick-up. Dingus said the dealer told him the delay is due to a delay at General Motors, The vehicle is funded by a grant from U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Although the council did not address the Utilities Report in the absence of Water and Sewer Superintendent Carlos Phillips, it was presented with a waterrelated situation when Jim Scott of McRoberts brought in a bucket of reddish material he said came from his water softener. Scott also said he had to replace his water heater earlier this year and it had mud in it. Neither Scott nor anyone present could identify the material from the water softener, but Councilman Robert Champion said it felt like the absorbent material from disposable diapers. McRoberts is served by the Fleming Neon Water System.

Mayor Susie Polis told Scott that she would leave the bucket for the Water and Sewer Department Board of Directors when they meet on Monday, December 19, so they can examine it. She said she would ask them to contact Scott if they find anything. Scott told the council he plans to contact the company he bought the water softener from and ask it if the material might be something from inside it as well.

The council also discussed the water that runs from mountain springs onto highways and causes problems when it freezes. Councilman Trey Quillen told the council that water running onto the road near the Little League Ball Park in Fleming has caused problems and said water in town caused three wrecks early one morning last week after becoming black ice overnight.

Mayor Polis said the road affected by the water in Fleming is a county road and she will contact the county road department. She added that Jack Collier of A-Jack’s Paving capped a spring behind the old Gulf Station in town and that he and State Highway Supervisor Billy Smallwood both said they believe it will solve the problem of water running into Main Street. Polis said if it doesn’t, she will ask the state highway department for assistance.

The council voted unanimously to pass a resolution to allow Mayor Polis to enter into an agreement with the Kentucky Department of Local Government to accept $150,000 for improvement and maintenance to the city. Polis also told the council the sidewalk project in Fleming is complete for now, but said if additional funding becomes available, there are other sidewalks that need work as well.

— By William Farley

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