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Save money with phone plans, price matching

Senior News

With the price of everything going up, we need to save our dollars every place we can. Here are two ideas:

PHONE PLANS — If you want to save money on your cellphone plan or the cost of a new phone, there are a dozen or so providers that offer reduced rate plans for seniors. Some offer a new phone, some will let you use your existing phone and many will let you keep your current phone number. Most offer unlimited talk and text, but prices will vary based on download speeds and data caps. Most also don’t require a contract, but if part of the deal is to buy a new phone from them, you might run into a penalty if you cancel before the phone is paid for.

Call around to the phone service providers in your area and ask about senior plans. Be sure to look at their websites to check out the phones. You might need larger buttons or other special features. Better yet, if they have a store near you, go look at the phones in person. Don’t let yourself be talked into a long contract that you don’t want.

PRICE MATCHING — This is a good way to get deals on things you want if you hunt for bargains. Some stores make it their policy to match lower prices found elsewhere. You’ll need to have proof, however, meaning they’ll need to see the current price on the competitor’s website. Your best bet is to call and ask whether they’ll look online right from their store, or if it’s enough for you to print out the competitor’s online ad. It’s mostly the bigger chains that have these policies, but even a local store might be willing to price match just to get your business.

Remember to ask for your senior discount everywhere you go!

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