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Says community deserves own ambulance

To the Editor:

This year the Gordon Volunteer Fire Department worked to have its outreach program and it was truly blessed. The members worked to get clothes and other items to give to their community. At Christmas, they worked very hard to get toys and treats for the children from wherever they came from to the fire department. The children got to talk to Santa Claus and then they got to choose a toy from the huge tables of toys that the volunteers had set up for them. The fire station looked like a big toy shop. The children were also given large treat bags.

There was homemade soup for whoever wanted to eat, and it was all free.

The joy and awe on the faces of the children was wonderful, and the joy on the adults’ faces was very humbling. Anytime you give unselfishly of yourself, you will be blessed.

We hope to make this event even better in 2009 and to reach more people, but first we need to thank the people who helped this happen. First, I want to thank God for His healings and blessings. We want to thank Maurice Royster of Equitable Gas for the generous donation. Without their help we could not have done so well. We also thank Sheriff Danny Webb, County Court Clerk Winston Meade, Circuit Court Clerk Margaret Nichols, Letcher County Jailer Don McCall, Dean and Nina Cornett, Vanessa Joseph, Property Valuation Administrator Randy Hall, Danny Boggs, Dry Fork Market, Hurricane Gap Grocery, Cash Express for toys, Mary Bennett for helping to get clothes and toys, and the whole Gordon Volunteer Fire Department.

These guys and gals are workers in their community and they are willing to help anyone anywhere in our county. We need to get the Letcher County Judge/ Executive and magistrates behind this group and help them get an ambulance service in that area. You have the Gordon area, Sugar Grove, Linefork, and Defeated Creek. That is a real remote area in Letcher County and they deserve the same security as the Letcher area and Whitesburg to have a local ambulance service available to them without having to wait a period of time for the ambulance from somewhere else to arrive in case of an emergency.

There are over 800 families living in this area and many are elderly people, so if you feel you need an ambulance service in this area let your local elected officials know how you feel because your vote really does count.

I thank you, Gordon Volunteer Fire Department, for letting us work with you all. It was a joy.

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