Whitesburg KY

Says Democrats should steer away from casino gambling

To the Editor:

I would like to put the best face on Governor Ernie Fletcher’s stand against casino gambling and believe he puts ethics above politics. But I’ll have to say he must prove himself distinguished from Republican Party wedge issues.

On the other hand, Steve Beshear’s support for casino gambling doesn’t jive with recent Democratic Party devout language and courting of evangelical images. Of course civil governments, even democratic ones, can’t maintain clearly black or white operations. But approving Beshear’s rationalizing that casinos are the most expedient sources of revenue falls into the Republican trap of being “most pure in values.”

Democrats had best be consistent with their proved social and humanitarian conscience and repudiate legislative measures that favor corporate greed and a privileged class. The Bush administration has proved there is no concern for the common person. The pious talk has more in common with the Religious Right than with New Testament ethics.

Democrats’ best preaching is to abide by their platform of plain human mercy and a level playing field for all citizens. While not every dollar spent for this social justice is lily white, dollars from casinos go mostly to gambling firms and prove less than an asset to government.


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