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Says Fletcher campaign desperate

To the Editor:

Outgoing Governor Ernest Fletcher is a candidate in search of an issue. He has proven he’ll say or do anything to make a poll point. Fletcher has jumped on the anti-illegal immigrant bandwagon; every day he’s fabricating/ exaggerating/lying about Steve Beshear and Kentucky Central; he’s flip-flopped on casinos in Kentucky, he’s handed out big photographs of checks in taxpayer money to buy votes in various parts of the state and he’s given away hundreds of millions in incentives to Peabody Coal for something I predict will go absolutely nowhere, as it did for the Germans in World War II. I am firmly convinced that if Ernest thought he could make a point by supporting segregation, he would support segregation. He has certainly latched on to the present day version in attacking Hispanics. Is he looking for a schoolhouse door to block?

This demonstrates, to me, the desperation in the Fletcher campaign. Ernest is swinging for the cheap seats at every wild pitch in a desperate hope to connect – and he strikes out again and again. Not only that, it’s his negatives and his erratic behavior – Ernest did everything but foam at the mouth in his recent appearance debating Beshear on KET’s “Kentucky Tonight” program; he pushed Beshear’s spokeswoman in the presence of the media in a fit of pique. Ernest’s $1,000 max contributions received are received from individuals with strong connections to contractors with whom Ernest’s Kentucky does business, and some of those contributors may very well have committed a Class D felony in Kentucky, not to mention a federal offense. And just when will we learn the names of those contributing to Ernest’s secret Legal Defense Fund, or, to quote Steve Beshear, Ernest’s ‘plea bargain fund?’

Finally, I ask one specific question of Ernest Fletcher – has anyone associated with Elmo Greer & Sons, one of the largest highway contractors in the state, or the brothers who run the company – Elmo Lee Greer, Jerry Greer and Rex Greer – contributed to that ‘plea bargain fund?’ Recent reports indicate a lot of people with connections to them have made the $1,000 max contribution to Ernest’s campaign – is Ernest prepared to answer the questions a lot of Kentuckians are asking, or will he continue to hide the names? We want to know now.

BILL ADKINS Williamstown

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