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Says mayor, city, Appalshop deserve thanks for helping bring concert to Whitesburg

To the Editor:

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the City of Whitesburg and Mayor James Wiley Craft and Appalshop.

On August 4, I had the honor organize a concert featuring Rich Robinson of The Black Crowes, a band that has sold more than 35 million albums. This show, held at the Appalshop Theater, not only benefited WMMT-FM, it also shined a light of why I feel the City of Whitesburg is the greatest small town in America.

Mayor Craft and his staff along with Appalshop and WMMT provided the city with the opportunity to host music fans in this amazing community from as far away as the cities of Las Vegas and St. Louis and the states of Hawaii, South Carolina and Texas.

I believe that no other small town in America has to offer what Whitesburg has. Through his leadership, Mayor Craft supports the belief that we can work together to create an environment to benefit all for a better quality of living in such a great small town.

I am honored to have had been given the chance by Mayor Craft, the city and Appalshop to bring an artist of this caliber to Whitesburg and show why the town is one of the great places on Earth, not only for a musician to play but a music fan to soak up the beauty of Central Appalachia.

Thank again to Mayor Craft, the City of Whitesburg and Appalshop for allowing folks like me to dream.


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