Whitesburg KY

Scammers calling here

A Premium woman became suspicious of a telephone call she received Sunday when the caller demanded that she wire $20,000 to the Dominican Republic.

The caller, who identified himself as Agent John Mc- Clenzy with the Maryland Drug Enforcement Agency, told the woman she had missed a court date and was to send $20,000 by Western Union to Louis Ramon Sanchez Moreno in Santo Domingo, said Eugene Slone, victims advocate with the Letcher County Sheriff ’s Department.

The caller demanded the woman’s Social Security number and told her the money would be used to satisfy the court system.

Slone said the scammer called from (301) 375-5087. The woman did not fall for the scam.

“If you or anyone you know receives a call similar to this, please hang up immediately,” said Slone. “Never give out personal information to anyone that you do not trust. With the recent hardships added to the people in the mountains, the sheriff ’s office has taken extra steps to investigate and prosecute individuals who are scamming the hardworking people of Letcher County.”

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