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Scarecrows aren’t scaring off the crows this year


A baby shower was given for Keith Baker and Chasity. Kaylee got so many pretty clothes. Vannah Breeding got her basketball clothes that were adorable. I love the name they have chosen, Kaylee Grace. We are all so anxious for her to arrive. Edsel and Carol are counting the days and I’m sure Sharon is too. I know all Keith and Chas’s family are thrilled.

Arthur Sergent had surgery and is still in the hospital. Lettie, Brittany and I visited him and he is doing better. We also visited with Arnold Richardson who had been moved from ICU. He seemed much better.

Lettie’s nephew, Gary Amburgey, was in the hospital. Something had bitten him on the leg and it looked terrible. He said he had been in the hospital for many days. Darrell Gibson was also a patient. We talked to Nancy and she said he was better.

Lettie Hall, Jay Slone, and Ken Baker worked on the Baker cemetery one day. Ken hauled dirt and they filled in a lot of graves – put down straw and grass seed and also mowed the cemetery.

Randy, Jennifer, Jared and Ethan Isaacs enjoyed the race at Kentucky Speedway recently.

Coolie and Janice Baker had a cookout for Kathy’s birthday. I’m not telling her age but she’s about to catch up with me and Janice. Oh well, we still love her and wish her many more birthdays. Their guests were Bennett, Della, Jimmy, Kathy, Brian, Nikki, Brooke, Tony, Katina, Ashley, Edsel, Carol, Cameron and Heather. Clester and I had to miss it.

Ricky Yonts and Sue Webb had more tests done but I haven’t heard what the results are. Our prayers are with them.

Greg Potter is a patient in a Lexington hospital, very ill. We hear he has improved. Geneva Akemon had to come home for her treatment. May God bless Greg and all his family.

Mike Gilliam has also been in the hospital but is home now. Kristy and the new baby are doing OK. I’m sure Jason is helping take care of his baby brother. We all love their family.

Lettie, Brittany and I went to Knott County to locate the graves of her grandparents, Harden and Mahala Slone. Harden has a military marker that is so nice. There are four military markers in that small cemetery. I located some of my family, too.

Bud Tolliver is critically ill at his home. Hospice is helping care for him. Hazel, Henrietta and Shirley are our special friends and we do have them in our prayers.

Shelby Hall visited with me and Brittany. She misses her dad so much.

Happy birthday to Judge Ward. He told me about Eddie’s birthday but said not one word about his big day. Judge, I have given up on the practical jokes so you can tell me anything.

We have plenty of crows in our gardens this year. Someone could go crow hunting if they wanted. They are taking up Danny Akeman’s corn and he is not a happy farmer. Scarecrows don’t bother these crows.

The Letcher County Historical Society received a grant to buy some tombstones for the Obie Fields and Sandlick Cemeteries. We need help with identifying some of the graves. If you know of any unmarked graves, please let us know. We do have a deadline to meet.

Colson seniors are going to the prom at Boone Fork on the 25th. I can’t wait!

Brittany has enjoyed spending time with her special cousin, Gunner Holbrook.

Our prayers are with Lesley Anne Hall, who is having a time with her back.

Happy birthday to Dixie Slone Watlkins from all her family at Colson. Dixie lives in Cleveland.

Also, wishes to Fontella Sturgill Hall, Vickie Stevens, and to Vickie’s daughter, Melissa. Miss June is also having her big day on the 30th.

Lettie’s sister-in-law, Eva Sexton Slone, has cancer and needs prayers so please keep her in your prayers. Eva lives in Indiana.

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