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School Board Recognition Month

To the Editor:

As Superintendent of the Letcher County Public School District and as a lifelong citizen of Letcher County, I am extremely proud of the students and teachers, the administrators and the service workers who are the heart and soul of the Letcher County Public School District. I am also proud of the district leadership this community has put in place through the members of the Letcher County Board of Education.

William Smith, Dr. Sam Quillen Jr., Terry Cornett, Mike Harris, and John Spicer Sr. aren’t just elected offi cials. They are employers, friends, family members and in every way an important part of the fiber of our community.

The state of Kentucky has chosen to join other states in observing January as School Board Member Recognition Month. Our local school board members are second to none in being worthy of sharing in this appreciation.

Well-lighted, efficiently heated and cooled, safe and secure schools don’t just happen. New instructional methods for teachers must be supported. Buses that have aged must be replaced. Rules for an orderly operation of a classroom and a school must be observed. Finances to purchase new technology, retain quality staff, and improve facilities must be managed carefully — not just when a budget is adopted and tax rates are set, but throughout the year. Each aspect of a quality public school system is tied to the solid work of the members of our school board.

There are many reasons to take pride in our school system. One of them is the labors of the members of the Letcher County Board of Education. This month I am pleased to join so many others in thanking the Board Members of the Letcher County Board of Education for their work for our children and our community. ANNA C. CRAFT Superintendent Letcher County Schools

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