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School kids are bored crazy

Hello to everyone from the Ovenfork Center. Yes, we are still on the map, still not frozen to death, and still eating good meals, especially the breakfast dinners. It has been a hard winter, and the girls can’t get in and cook at times, but it’s still going on.

The school kids are bored crazy, even if they won’t admit it. I guess they’re driving their moms and dads crazy. Letcher County has missed 22 days as of last week, and it looks like they’ll miss more because of more snow to come. But we can’t control the weather.

The birds eating at the feeders are so pretty. As long as they’ve got something to eat, they’re happy. ( I guess we’re that way some, too.) I don’t know which birds are the prettiest, I guess the redbirds.

I don’t know why God made the male redbirds a vibrant red and the females a duller color. I’m sure He knows why, and that’s His business.

Our prayer list is: Parnell Parsons, Tim Maggard, Columbus Sturgill, Nora Walker, Jean Hunsucker, Jean Hampton, that God would restore their health, and the Betty Addington family, it’s hard when you lose your mother.

We miss seeing Jean Hunsucker coming into the center, and Jean Hampton, since they are both sick and unable to come in.

I won the dishtowel, so I am the Senior Citizen of the Month. My picture is on the refrigerator. That’s the way they do it. I thank God that He has let me live to be a senior citizen, and be able to get out and do a few things. God is good all the time.

Watch out and try not to fall on the ice. Feed the dogs a little extra and give them fresh water. They’re braving the cold when we’re inside where it’s warm.

Pray for those of us who are paying these ridiculously high light bills, that we can keep it up. It’s so hard on the elderly to pay out everything. They’ve got to keep their lights on, and a little heat.

Our potluck will be on Feb. 8, permitting the weather is decent.

Well, that’s the news from the Ovenfork Center this week. Keep warm.

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