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School officials could end classes June 2 or 9

Both school districts in Letcher County have missed 22 days of school, stretching the 2013-14 year into June.

Before canceling classes so many times because of inclement weather, Jenkins Independent Schools and Letcher County Public Schools were set to end the school year for students on May 14.

The Letcher County Board of Education approved shortening spring break by three days at its January meeting. The board is now expected at its Feb. 24 meeting to vote on whether to take the remain- ing two days of spring break.

If the board approves designating April 3 and April 4 as instructional days and if no more days are missed, the last day of school for students will be June 2.

The board may consider adding Memorial Day as an instructional day, Letcher County Public Schools Supt. Tony Sergent said.

The Jenkins Board of Education is also expected to discuss the option of taking spring break during its meeting on Feb. 24. If the board votes to continue with spring break, June 9 will be the last day of school for students in the Jenkins district.

Both districts have banked five days. Banked days, which are used to compensate for some days missed, are days accumulated by having extra time added to the regular school day.

School was canceled last Thursday and Friday after between eight and 12 inches of snow fell across Letcher County. Sergent said secondary roads were still horrible Monday afternoon.

“It is probably the worst winter we have had since ’77,” Sergent said.

Regardless of how many school days districts miss, state testing will take place the last two weeks of school.

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