Whitesburg KY




Students at Colson Head Start are (front row, left to right) Jacob Madden, Lindsay Mullins, Dawton Haley, Ashley Jackson, Keeka Sexton, Cody Combs, Madison Mason, Danielle Madison Hundley, Heather Akemon, Jade Cook, (second row) Steven Collins, Emily Taylor Layla Cornett, Hannah Baker, Gabriel Morales, Abby Sexton, Meggan Smith, Alexis Mullins, Cameron Short, Dusty Akemon, Ethan Tolliver, and Brianne Sexton. Students not pictured are Steven Sexton, Skyy Slone, Colby Hall, Codylee Jenson, Sheyann Mullins, David Watts, and Dustin Collins. Their teachers are Lesley Whitaker, Teddi Sexton, Missy Kiser, Emily Short, and Shirley Adams.

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