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School systems allow kids to work at home

Hello once again from Bardstown, the Bourbon capital. It has been quite the busy time here.

As the colder weather begins to threaten to settle in, I thought that i would mention the changes to some of our schools here this year.

Both city and county school systems have put in place a way to help put an end to the longer school years due to snow days by offering the alternative to students being able to stay home on snow days and then go onto the Internet and do their school work.

Bradi came home this week and told me that the teacher said that the parents can bring the students or the student can do the work from their homes and be counted as present that day. The buses would not be doing pick up and drop off. This is a great idea for families who are outside city limits and may be on narrow or unpaved roadways that wind into more wooded areas.

After a few days in the 50s the temperature once again dropped into the 30s overnight on Thursday and was forecast to dip into the mid 20s on Saturday night, with a slight probability of snow. The kids are ready and I have to admit, if I have to be cold, I prefer something shimmery and white on the ground to look at. I don’t want that 24- to 28- inch disaster we had back in February, trust me. I had to move small items in that mess from the townhouse to the new house and I don’t want to see that mess again in my lifetime.

The New Beginning Baptist Church started its “God’s dinner bell’’ program back up after a couple of weeks off. The church volunteers cook and provide free meals to people and families around the community who want to stop by and get a hot meal and have a pleasant visit with others. Brad’s has been volunteering to help with putting out silverware and other things that they let her help with.

Fort Knox Federal Credit Union is taking up coat collections for needy children around the area. A box has been set up and labeled at the Bardstown Branch on Kelly Drive and other branches in area counties. Now is the time of year that charities begin to take up these items before it is too cold and to help children who can’t afford winter coats to keep them warm.


Prayer list this week includes Danny Huff and his wife Margo. The doctor gave him disappointing news at his last visit. Please also include Kathy Beavers, June Clark, Denise Hicks, Chester and Verna Rayburn, Jim Hardesty, Wanda Durbin and also Dolly Smith’s aunt died. Pray for Dolly’s mom as well, she is taking it harder than the rest of the family. Prayers for Denny and Patti Berry and Chad and Cindy Vittitow, Jacob Isham, Debra Johnson, Donna Walker and her mother, Lucy O’Bryan, Sherry Spalding, JoAnn Brown, Jerrica Rayburn, John Rayburn, David Smith, Sherry Hoylman, Shirley and Larry Downs, Tate and Inez Hampton, Naoma and Teddy Sturgill of Eolia and my cousin Melanie and her husband Danny Sturgill, who live in Pound, Va.

As Thanksgiving is approaching it makes us remember the blessings we have been given. The colder temperatures bring us indoors to gather around the TV or the meal table together as family. I have always cherished the memories of Thanksgiving dinner at my grandparents. We would go to one grandparents’ house early in the day and then the other grandparents’ in the evening. The kids played together and the adults visited and ate and talked. Everybody enjoyed that time together and as I got older it is how I always envisioned what the holidays meant. Now when I refer to the holidays, I do mean all three of them in this part of the year, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s. We would always be at the grandparents’ homes for these three holidays and the food seemed to last forever and it was always so good and so much of it.

I am excited this time of year and it’s probably my favorite part; the chill in the air and beauty of the snow if you’re lucky to have just enough and not be stranded. The closeness of family in the warmth of the indoors. Or at least that’s how I feel that it should be.

I want to wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving and if I forget to get news in before then Merry Christmas to you also.

Be blessed, till next time.

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