Whitesburg KY

School’s out so watch for the four-wheelers

Hello everyone, I hope all is well. It has been an exciting week on Cowan. We had a drug bust, a preschool bus wreck, a car wreck, fines.

School’s out so the roads will be busy with fourwheelers, so there’s not a dull moment.

Archie and Margaret Fields have a new greatgranddaughter.

Nifty, thrifty Joe Maggard turned 50 May 29. Happy birthday, cousin. He is the son of Mary Ann Maggard and the late Curtis Maggard. I hope you had a great day.

Georgette Day Sims and Harry Sims of Danville, will be celebrating their granddaughter, Madison’s, birthday June 2. She is such a beautiful young girl, and they are very proud of her. Happy birthday, sweetie, enjoy your day.

Leroy and Joann Ison Fields have a wedding anniversary June 3. Congratulations.

Also having a wedding anniversary on June 10, are Herb and Linda Day Fields; June 12, Roger and Debbie Eldridge. We hope all of them have a good day, and many more to come.

Birthdays this month are: June 11, John Russell Simmons will be 21 years old; June 14, Marty Smith will be 40; June 15, Rebecca Kay Fields, our middle granddaughter will be ‘Sweet 16.’ She is the daughter of our son Chad, and Amber Fields and Diana Abbott Fields, all of Greensburg, Ind. We hope she enjoys her day. Keep those guys fought off! Ha, ha! We love you, Becca!

Ann Collier has a birthday June 24. We wish her the best. And Judy Fields on June 30. They are two special ladies. Happy birthday to both of you.

Greensburg, Ind., my former hometown, was hit by storms and tornadoes. No one was hurt, thank God, but the town is a mess from one end to the other. It’s so sad looking at pictures. This is the first big tornado my son and his family have been in. It was scary for them. I’m glad that everyone is okay. Big Cowan

Irene Day fell again last week. She lost her balance and fell in the floor. She said she hurt her hip, but is otherwise okay.

Prayer list this week is: Charles and Pat Large, Wayne Turner, Reuben and Odessa Lewis, Irene and Eugene Day, Hazel Rayburn, Mike Rayburn, Mary Lou Fields, Mary Ann Maggard, the people who were in the plane crash and their families, Jay and Irene Turner, Mike Fields and Melinda ‘Kay-Kay’ Daniel, Kathy and Eddie Wolfe, Archie and Margaret Fields, Loreva Fields, Maude Pack, Audrey and Charles Hammonds, Agnes and Bill Maggard, Virginia Ann and Burdine Gilley and son Mitchell, Creda J. Isaacs, Oma Hatton, our town, our community and county, and all the churches and their pastors.

Amber Trent’s brother, who lives in Tennessee, got out of school earlier and has been visiting her and other family members. His name is Willie Hanson, and he is 15 years old. Colton has really enjoyed him being here. It was nice meeting you, Willie. I hope you enjoy your summer.

My youngest granddaughter wanted to come down for the weekend, but with gas being so high, no one could bring her down. Maybe later this summer, Michaela. We love you.

I didn’t see a lot of travelers over the weekend. I am sure there were a few coming in to decorate graves.

Well folks, I am going for now. Until next week, have a great week. Attend the church of your choice, and remember, God loves you!

Hello to all the readers at Mountain Comp and Pharmacy, and thanks for your comments. I love you guys.

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