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Mostly sunny
Mostly sunny

Schools will soon be in session


August is here, and soon the schools will be back in session. It seems we haven’t had much summery weather this year.

Recently, Alan and Reva Adams and some of their family went to Gatlinburg for a few days. I think Kristi and Dillon, Daniel and Kayla Adams were the ones who also went. Reva said they all enjoyed the trip.

Coreen Pridemore and I stopped in to visit with Ivan and Freda Adams. Mom and I talked with Ivan while Freda and her brother, Bartley, were making food for their reunion. Bartley came in from Florida and seemed to be enjoying his trip back home to Isom.

Ivan and Freda had taken him out riding around the Rockhouse area. We hope they had a good reunion.

Belated 91st birthday wishes to Gillis Adams, who had a birthday last week. His wife, Cornie, has been having some health problems, and we hope she is doing better now.

Also, belated birthday wishes to former Eagle correspondent Parlee Back, who turned 81 on July 29.

Roland and Carol Blair recently spent a week on vacation. They visited their daughter Valarie and her family in South Carolina, then spent three days fishing and relaxing at Berry Springs Lodge in the Smokies. They also traveled to Ohio to a family get-together.

The get-together was on July 25 at Connie Back’s lovely home, and those present were: Connie and Derec Back; Parlee Back and her daughter, Deanna of California; Don and Clara Collins; Roland and Carol Blair; Coleman Ray Blair; Bonnie Caudill and her daughter, Cathy, and son, Larry; Doris Ann Coots and her son, Michael and his wife, Karen; Danny and Diane Smith and Danny’s sister, Jackie, and Danny’s granddaughter.

Since Connie and her mother, Parlee, are both good cooks, it would be hard to say which was better, Connie’s gingerbread or Parlee’s homemade biscuits, which everyone enjoyed.

While Roland and Carol were gone, Carol’s father, Clayton Shepherd, was well taken care of. Nancy Carol Craft fixed him a hot supper every day, and Clayton said she sure is a good cook.

It was good to see Clayton out to church at Mount Olivet Church at Blackey. He was with Roland and Carol.

This past weekend was the Adams, Thompson, Blair reunion at the head of Blair Branch. People came from many different states and local areas to attend, and everyone enjoys getting together to visit, eat, attend the church service and recall old times.

Susie Raglin is still having problems from her recent fall. She had to go back to the hospital and will need physical therapy to help her walking.

Mary Ellen Blair also had to spend a few days in the hospital. We hope Susie and Mary Ellen are both feeling better.

I hope Ava Blair of Ohio is doing well. Her family back here keep us informed, and we hope her treatments aren’t too rough. She has the well wishes from lots of folks here.

Bob, Randy Campbell, Boonie Bentley, and Mike Eldridge, all spent most of last week working in Lexington. There was a mine rescue competition held there and they helped with the judging.

Last Friday Richard and Libby Smith had an oldfashioned dinner cooked over the fire for some family and friends. I think they had soup beans, pot roast and dessert, all cooked over a fire. Afterwards, some bluegrass music and singing were held by some practicing locals. It looked like a large crowd attended, and I’m sorry we didn’t make it.

Mr. and Mrs. Terry Taylor’s son, Cory, recently came in eighth overall in the World Cowboy Shoot. I think it was held in Albuquerque, N.M., and we hope Cory continues to improve in his field.

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