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Scouts spend night at museum

Hello everyone and happy Mother’s Day.

Appalachian Festival will be at Old Coney on the outskirts of Cincinnati. That will be my Mother’s Day present to me as I volunteer each year.

How’s everything your way? We finally had a few nice days in the southern Ohio Valley area.

It is that time of year, need a bit of heat of the morning, almost air conditioning during the day, and heat again at night.

At least no snow, at least for another seven months or so. I still have a small Christmas tree sitting at the bottom of my stairs. If I wait long enough, I won’t have too far to carry it.

Saturday, my daughter Anna Nottingham along with my three granddaughters, Sarah, Jessica and Katelyn, went on a Girl Scout outing at the museum in Columbus, Ohio. The group spent the night at the Museum. Anna is a Girl Scout leader and has been involved for several years.

There were about 75 girls, plus leaders and moms taking part in this event. After the museum was closed, out came air mattresses and whatever. Anna and her group hadn’t been there in a few years. WWhen Anna and the girls packed the van I had to laugh as they carried out snacks, juice water, covers and air mattresses.

A great time was had by everyone.

I got the best end of the deal as I had the pleasure of staying with four-year-old Kyle for a couple of hours. Kyle wanted me to play Frisbee. I explained I couldn’t run, so Kyle decided I could sit in the chair and he could do the running for me.

I took bottles of bubbles, much to his delight, even though he told me he had bubbles. Kyle loved to blow the bubbles and let them land in my hair.

Two of the neighbor kids came to play with Kyle. I had forgotten that two can play great together, however three can become a he said, she said, running back and forth tattling.

So finally I said alright let’s talk a bit. If you can’t play without tattling, it is time to go home and Kyle can take a nap so that ended the squabble.

I miss not being able to take the kids to the park and doing things with them. My little sidekick Bennie Wiederhold is adjusting to his medicine. I am going to see him in a couple of days.

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