Whitesburg KY

Scrap dealer pleads guilty

A scrap metal dealer in Isom has been ordered to pay $400 in fines after he pleaded guilty to four misdemeanor charges in connection with stolen military grave markers.

Delbert Mitchell Wright, 81, of 632 Isom Dr., Isom, pleaded guilty in Letcher District Court November 7 to charges of failing to maintain a register of metals, improper purchase of restricted metals for cash, failure to provide required reports to law enforcement officials and purchase of restricted metals without proof of ownership.

Letcher District Judge Kevin R. Mullins ordered Wright to pay a fine of $100 for each of the four misdemeanor charges and $130 in court costs.

Authorities say Wright failed to obtain information from the seller of U.S. armed forces veterans’ bronze and/or copper footstone markers and did not keep a photocopy of the operator’s license of each seller. Wright is also charged with paying cash for the purchase of the markers instead of paying by check.

Wright was indicted by the Letcher County Grand Jury in October after he was tied the theft of 12 bronze or copper military markers from cemeteries in the Isom and Jeremiah area.

Letcher County Sheriff Danny Webb, who conducted the investigation, charged that 30-year-old Harley Jack Daniels Slone of Isom committed 12 counts of violating graves and 12 counts of receiving stolen property when he sold the markers to Wright’s scrap business.

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