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Scrap metal hunters searching creeks

Last winter was just like old times when I was just a kid and waded snow to my knees to get to school.

This past winter was unusual too because we only had one measurable snow. I predicted that when all our little winters such as redbud, dogwood and blackberry were over it would be hotter than Grandma’s kitchen with a coal stove in it, and it sure has turned out that way.

I can’t remember when we last had a good, soaking rain. But the Lord knows what’s best.

The scrap metal hunters are wading the creek now, hunting for metal, and also the creek banks. If prices stay at a decent level the creek and creek banks will get cleaned up pretty good, but they need water where they come up out of the creek because some people don’t like for you to set one foot on their valuable property, much less both feet.

This has happened numerous times, and if you asked these same disgruntled people to clean the creek out in front of their property, they would no doubt laugh you to scorn and say it wasn’t hurting the creek by being there.

But the truth of the matter is, it contaminates the creek even more than it already is.

People living near a creek have spent many years using the creek as a means of getting rid of unwanted trash. There are still many straight pipe sewer systems going straight to a creek. Some folks are offended if anyone wades the creek near their property because they are afraid their secret will be revealed.

Hunting scrap metal in the creek is earning a dollar or two the hard way, but an honest way, and helping the environment also.

In one instance two fellows were observed pulling a motor and transmission out of the river with a Red Devil since they didn’t have a winch on their vehicle.

Personally, with due consideration, I hope copper prices fall down so far it won’t be worth collecting. Maybe then the thieves will quit stealing our telephone cables.

Disrupting our communication system (telephones) is about as low as you can get.

That’s all from the funny farm until next time.

Contributing writer Relon Hampton lives at Premium.

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