Whitesburg KY

Secret sisters not a secret

Good afternoon. How are things in your world? They are going great in mine.

At the center Tuesday we had a full house. Several of our ill ones were able to attend. It is always nice to see their smiling faces and to hear how their families are doing. There is so much sickness in our little community.

We are sending out good wishes and prayers for Wayne and Sandy Ison. Wayne had surgery and is doing much better.

With Valentine’s Day approaching, we drew names for a secret sister. Now do you really think that many women can keep a secret for two of three weeks? I am betting we will know most of the secret names before the 14th of February. Anyone gonna take that bet?

Thursdays was our shopping day. What fun. Five of the ladies went — Mae Boggs, Sue Williams, Faye Herron, Judy Eldridge, Barbara Eldridge and I. We shopped, ate buffet at Pizza Hut, shopped, laughed, shopped and came home. Most of us were literally ready to drop. But we shopped!

Today is cleaning day for me. Anyone want to volunteer to do it for me? Don’t everyone hold up their hands at once. OK. Guess I’ll do it myself. Have to, have lost the path through it.

Until next week keep on keeping on and hug someone if you can. Human contact is vital to our happiness.

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