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Secrets To Surviving Halloween



With candy looming everywhere, Halloween can be a troublesome holiday for someone with diabetes. Here are some tips to help you make it through the holiday.

At Home

Instead of buying candy to give out to trick-ortreaters, pick healthier choices. You are less likely to be tempted by leftovers. Many good choices are available in individually wrapped bags, including:

• pretzels

• granola bars

• goldfish crackers

• almonds

• trail mix

If you opt for the candy, avoid temptation. Never buy specific brands for which you have a particular weakness.

If you are hosting a Halloween party, focus on fun activities for kids, such as bobbing for apples or blindfolding the kids and giving them “scary” things to feel like chilled spaghetti. Tell ghost stories and have a costume contest. Keep the focus on fun, not sweets. Are you a parent who is faced with a plastic pumpkin full of candy at the end of each Halloween? Let your child choose a few favorites, and then give the rest away (or throw it out).

At Work

Often, co-workers will bring leftover candy into the office in order to get it out of their own homes. Avoid common areas and the offices of those co-workers who always have the leftover candy. Be up-front to your co-workers about why you are avoiding candy. if they understand it is for health reasons.

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