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See a nutritionist



Have you ever consulted a nutritionist about your diet? It might not be a bad idea.

I recently had an appointment with a nutritionist, and boy, did I learn a lot. As we age, many of us experience changes in smell and taste, tend to eat to kill hunger rather than for health and lose interest in food in general.

Many of us don’t get enough protein because we’re stuck with the belief that it requires a big portion of meat. Not so. One of the most potent protein sources is a combination of beans and rice.

And then there’s the matter of food density. As we age, our appetites and capacity aren’t what they used to be. If we fill up on food that has less nutritional value, we’re robbing our bodies of what we need for health.

Portion sizes can be confusing. They’re smaller than you’d think. In many cases, a half-cup constitutes a portion. If weight control is a problem, overestimating the size of a portion can add to the difficulty of controlling those pounds.

A consultation with a nutritionist might be ones of the best things you can do for your health. He or she will be able to assess your age, activity level, diet limitations and weight and come up with a food plan to keep you in top shape.

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