Whitesburg KY

Seeing our family is benefit of living here

Hello everyone, this was a quick week. I hope everyone was able to stay cool. The heat irritates my psoriasis and I don’t go out as much. Luckily, the weather will change soon.

Michael Marr of Berea came in to visit John and Faye Campbell of Little Cowan. He brought two of his children, Anna and Tucker, with him. They came in to pick up the other two children, Myles and Addison, who had stayed with their “Pa and Nan” for a few days.

Gretta Newsome of Berea came in to visit her mother Faye and John Campbell for a few days. They all had a good visit.

Debbie Vice of Flemingsburg came in for a few days. She and I went to the Letcher County Tourism painting class. My niece, Janis Marr of Berea, came in for the class also. We painted Bad Branch Falls. Debbie and Janis did a great job on their paintings. I think mine would have been better if I hadn’t decided to touch it up at the end of class. Debbie and I also did Fishpond Lake and we plan to do High Rock in October. These classes are a lot of fun and I appreciate Letcher County Tourism for sponsoring them.

Mike and I talked with Carol Caudill, Patsy Adams, Helen Tolliver, and Sheila Webb outside of the Pine Mountain Grill. We were going in and they had all finished. They had been making plans for their trip to Gatlinburg. It was nice to talk to them for a few minutes. It’s always nice to see friends still being friends through the years.

As we finishing our meal at the Grill, Doris Caudill and Karen Day walked in. It was good seeing them.

Carol, Doris, Karen, and I are all cousins. Seeing family is a big benefit of living here.

Randy Brown and Bob Caudill had a fishing trip this past week. They enjoyed their fishing time.

It was too hot to go to the car show over the weekend. I was looking forward to going but couldn’t go out in the heat.

Saturday evening, when the sun started setting and the temperature wasn’t as intense, John, Faye, Mike and I rode up to Town Hill. We went to watch the full moon, which was beautiful. While there, Reese and Vicky (I don’t know their last names) rode up on their Rhino. It was nice sitting, talking and looking at the moon.

My aunt, Ramona Caudill, gave us some corn and it was good. She had even cleaned it for us. It’s good to have family nearby.

I have been receiving a lot of mail and phone calls about Medicare. It’s now my enrollment time and I’m hoping I have it worked out. Mike used a broker when he went on Medicare and he had given them my name and number. They called and hopefully this week I’ll know that everything is okay.

I have enjoyed seeing all of the first day of school pictures of the students and teachers. It’s amazing how quickly time goes as I remember taking those first day of school pictures for the sons and now the sons are grown. All of the pictures do help remind you of those moments.

The Social Media quote of the week is: “Live your life and forget your age.”

Please send any news you have to Cowannews@aol.com. Have a positive week.

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