Whitesburg KY

Senate OK’s bill to keep racing machines

The Kentucky Senate passed a bill Tuesday aimed at preserving wagering on historical racing machines that the state’s horse tracks installed to support racing operations.

The measure divided Republicans who overwhelmingly control the chamber, but supporters forged a coalition with GOP members and Democrats to push it through the Senate on a 22-15 vote.

The bill, a response to a court ruling, goes to the GOP-led House next.

Last year, Kentucky’s Supreme Court ruled that at least some forms of wagering on historical horse racing don’t meet parimutuel wagering standards under state law. The Senate-passed measure would insert such operations into the definition of pari-mutuel wagering.

Fallout from the court ruling began recently when one of the state’s historical racing venues, operated jointly by Keeneland and Red Mile in Lexington, closed temporarily. The legislation is Senate Bill 120. (AP)

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