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Senior citizens enjoy week of fun

Hey you senior citizens, if you were not coming to Ermine Center last week, you sure missed out on the fun.

Tuesday we had Leanne Mullins from Knott County to tell us about the Health Fair, and how the new health care law affects us. After lunch we played Bingo and the prizes were all kinds of garden vegetables. (Nope, I didn’t win)

Wednesday, the centers were closed for the workers to go to Hazard for training, and then Thursday the fun began. We went to Fishpond Lake for a picnic, and we had Christmas in July. We exchanged gifts, and were the gift wrapped pretty. All in Christmas paper and Christmas bags. Rhuford Hart grilled hot dogs and we had everything to go with them. I think most of us ate too much.

Thursday night was the grandparents’ pool party at the Whitesburg Swimming Pool. Forty-plus kids were there. We had a total of about 75 people there. The kids all received gifts. We had pizza, chips, cookies, candy, ice cream, and a cake decorated by Dairy Queen. Walmart donated a gift card to buy the gifts for the kids.

Several visitors were there, Judge Jim Ward and wife Joan, Eddie Meade, and Paul Miles and his wife. Everyone had a great time and left happy.

This news about the pool party was given to me by the seniors as I didn’t go because my son, Darious Wright of Alabama, came home to see me. He got home about 6:30 Thursday evening and stayed until Sunday morning.

He did some jobs for me that I couldn’t do. I always have a list of things for him to do when he comes home, and he always gets them all done.

Saturday night, Carl Parrott and Shirley Collins went to Hazard at the City Park to a bluegrass festival. Hey Carl, did you dance with all the ladies?

He said they asked him to dance and they danced in the grass. He’s a young chick, almost 90 years old.

Most all of our seniors are really active. Some raised a large garden. Colene and Rhuford Hart have been canning beans, putting up corn, and making (I think she said) jam and jellies, or maybe preserves. Whatever, it will be good this coming winter.

Metry Kuracka raised some really good tomatoes (or was it his wife, Lorraine?). He brought me some, and they were delicious.

He was the one who furnished the vegetables for our Bingo, along with Colene Hart’s zucchini, so we had lots of gifts.

As of now, we don’t have anything planned for this week, but we probably will before the week’s out, as we always do.

If not, we will just enjoy a quiet week and have a good time enjoying being together and listening to some of them telling tall tales.

I still haven’t heard from Charles and Shirley Day. Where are you guys? I hope nothing is wrong. I will try to find out before my next news as we sure miss them.

We’re glad that Helen Bentley is back with us, but she’s like Willie Nelson, and is ‘On the Road Again.’ Just kidding, Helen, but we do miss you when you’re gone.

Oma Hatton is like a flyby night and drops in anytime. We’re glad you do, Oma, we’d like for you to show up every day with your sister, Louise Shepherd.

I’ve been trying to eavesdrop on our seniors to see what they’re up to, but I think they’ve caught on as I’m not hearing much of anything. Oh, well, maybe I will.

So come on your seniors and join in the fun with us. You will enjoy being at Ermine Center.

So, God bless until next time.

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