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Senior citizens had a busy week

Shellie Elswick holds the jeans she wore before losing more than 100 pounds.

Shellie Elswick holds the jeans she wore before losing more than 100 pounds.

We are really loving this beautiful spring weather. Mom has been walking around her yard, admiring all her beautiful flowers, getting some exercise. She has also been out a few times to the rec center and also stayed for Senior Citizens.

I love having her with me when I’m there and I know Lizzie Mae Wright enjoys talking to her almost as much as Mom enjoys it.

The Senior Citizens have had another busy week. Thursday, they took a walk down town sporting their purple in honor of preventing elder abuse. Friday, they took a busload to the yard sales that were taking place across Sandlick and down Route 7.

They were talking about getting the cornhole game back out on the sidewalk outside the rec center since the weather has warmed up enough.

It surely was nice to have Faye Williams, her son David, and her sister Elsie back with us. David was tickled beyond measure to show off their new car today. He is a joy to be around, even if he won’t help me plant or pick my Turkey Craw beans.

Pictured are physical trainer Maranda Webb, trainee Holly Fields, and physical trainer Amanda Sturgill.

Pictured are physical trainer Maranda Webb, trainee Holly Fields, and physical trainer Amanda Sturgill.


The birthdays for the month of May at Letcher County Senior Citizens are: Sarah Hall – May 1, Reed Stewart – May 4, Linda Curry – May 5, David Williams – May 8, Jack Burkich – May 10, Rose Collier – May 11, Betty Hatton – May 11, Tony Blair – May 12, Pat Wright – May 17, JoAnn Walters – May 18, Tony Sabo – May 20, and Jeannie Gibson – May 28.

Some of the events that are going to take place the rest of this month are: Wednesday the 16th will be the annual picnic at Letcher Manor starting at 10:30; Thursday the 24th the Senior Games will start at 9 a.m. at the Knott County Sportsplex.

Oma’s son, Billy Hatton, wanted me to have everybody remember our good friend and his workout buddy, Earle Bone, in their prayers. At the rec center we call him Bone. He is having lots of problems with his back right now. He was able to come down to the center one day last week, but was having to use a walker.

Another one of our senior citizens having some complications, Juanita Banks, needs our prayers. Her knee is giving her lots of problems.

Speaking of the rec center, you all wouldn’t believe all the good things going on right now with Maranda Webb’s and Amanda Sturgill’s Physical Training classes. There are so many of us that have success stories but there are two I want to mention this week.

The first one is a young girl named Holly Fields. She always comes in with a big smile on her face and brightens up our workouts. She doesn’t play around with little three-pound weights, but always pushes herself to do as much as she can. She won’t let me get ahead of her on the track at all. We all love her to pieces.

The second one is Shellie Elswick. She has lost over 100 pounds as of now. She keeps us all inspired to the fullest. When Maranda and Amanda give us a choice of three different exercises what do you think Shellie does? She does them all. I guess that’s why she is where she is now.

I was thinking the other day about all the exercise our ancestors got from just existing. All they did to raise their vegetables and also raise their meat kept them in a lot better shape than the way we live these days.

I even have lots of furniture my daddy made. I also have a few pieces my Papaw, Joe Tacket, made. They made these pieces just for fun, though.

I have eight chairs around my dining room table that Daddy made. The funny thing is not any of them are alike. Some of the bottoms are weaved from oak splits he harvested from the woods and split himself. He followed no pattern for anything he made.

I also found these instructions in some of Mommy’s personal papers the other day and thought they were pretty interesting and wanted to share them. These instructions were given to my daddy, Marshel Tacket, by his daddy, Joe Tacket, when he was in his 80’s and living in Somerset.

“How to Make Oak Splits” Get a white oak 10 to 12 inches around from the north side of the mountain. It should be straight, knot free for 10 or 12 feet tall, NOT a scrub tree.

Splits are made by splitting out pieces full length, then splitting each one down the center. Never try to cut a split from the side. Sometimes only one side of the tree will make good splits. Always cut the heartwood out and discard it.

Make the split wood as wide and long as you can and then bring them down to size which is needed.”

I actually watched Dad do the sizing it down a few times and tried to help him, but I wasn’t any good at it. He didn’t seem to care that I ruined a piece of split that he could have used.

Seems like he was a lot more patient with us in his old age than when we were younger. I guess that’s the way we all are though. I am so much more patient and forgiving with my grandchildren than I was with my daughter.

Okay, I’ll stop here by reminding you of the event going on at Wal-Mart on May 12. It’s called “In the Word Ministries” and will start at 10 a.m. There will be gospel singing and preaching, free gifts for the kids, and a free Bible giveaway. The flyer also says to bring your own chairs.

Also, remember all the people who have lost loved ones recently and Oma’s ending plea each week. Don’t forget to try your best to be in church somewhere Sunday and I say if your church has services Sunday evening or throughout the week, God would want you there then, too.

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