Whitesburg KY

Senior citizens to go to Camp Nathanael

Ermine senior citizens had a good week, although it snowed April 7, and not many came. The quilters couldn’t be there, as it was too bad to go get them. They were there and quilted Wednesday and Thursday.

Gracie Wynn wasn’t there at all, and I hope she’s OK. We missed Jack and Sue Stallard also, but someone said they had gone to visit their family.

Thursday we had our Easter dinner and about 50 attended. County Judge Jim Ward and Derek Barto came and ate with us. We had a great time and lots of gifts were given away, too many to name the ones who won all of them.

Coleen Hart won the $20 gift certificate to Pine Mountain Grill. Rhuford will have to take her out to dinner.

We are going to Camp Nathanael on Thursday, April 16. We always enjoy going there. We have a great time and a wonderful dinner.

We are having some new senior citizens coming to be with us, and we are glad to have them. We welcome all senior citizens.

Take care, and God bless until next time.

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