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Senior Games coming up this week

The Colson Senior Citizens Center has had a very good week, and is looking forward to this week. We would like to thank Community Trust Bank for the delicious cake. It’s always a big hit with the seniors and the staff.

Also, special thanks to Letcher Manor for the roses for all the seniors on the road. This was a really beautiful thing to do.

Thursday is the Senior Games at the Knott County Sportsplex, and we are so excited and wish our cheerleaders good luck. We will be leaving our center about 8 a.m., and hope to see everyone there.

On Friday we will be having potluck, and it’s always so good. Come out and be with us. You never know what we will get into but it’s always a lot of fun.

Oh we are excited, for our little friends from Head Start will be at our center on the 27th. They are such a joy to be with.

We will be closed on the 30th for Memorial Day.

The 31st, Katricia will be with us for our nutrition meeting.

Kaylee Grace Baker sends lots of hugs and kisses to her Grandma Betty and Grandpa Lawrence Johnson in Ohio. She gives big hugs and kisses. She played soccer for me when I was visiting this week. She sure can kick the ball. Colson

The Letcher County Historical Society met last week at the library.

Kevin Gilliam from Summit Engineering brought the first plans for Monument Park, and we are so excited. We will be in Neon on Tuesday evening at the Lions Club showing the plans.

On Wednesday we will be at Blackey Senior citizens at 11 a.m. for a showing and at Jenkins City Hall on May 25 at 6 p.m. If any organization would like us to come by, just call and we will schedule a visit.

Thanks to those who made contributions this week. Every dollars brings us closer to the dream and wait until you see the plans!

Attending the meeting were Judge Jim Ward, Dr. David Narramore, Ann Reynolds, Maxine Quillen, Sue Trent, Gail Shepherd, Buford Caudill, Jean Cook, Zandra Perry, Sherry Howard, Jerry and Carole Yonts, Donna Cornett, Merlene Day, Doug Adams, and myself .

Thanks to Jerry and Carole Yonts and Gail Shepherd I now know where Mater, Ky. was located. It was at Kona. I was convinced it was at Burdine, but it wasn’t. Jerry’s dad, Wesley Yonts, had the Book of Place Names, and it was listed there. Gail found a nice article on the computer, too. Thanks to all who searched for me.

Dessie and Tiffany Shepherd, the daughters of John and Gail Shepherd of Fleming Neon, had been visiting in New York this weekend and had a very enjoyable trip. They also had along a friend of theirs from Cleveland. You know these girls had a ball.

Kids Day at Letcher was a great success. Children of all ages were entertained and fed. I think I know a group of ladies who enjoyed it as much as the kids. They say they are just ‘big kids.’

I may do that when you go to Jenkins on June 4 at City Park. It is for kids of all ages, from 10 until 2. All you kids in Jenkins remember the date.

Maxine Quillen got a new car this week and she can go more, for it’s good for the mileage and gas prices have gone down. She will never be home now!

She, Imogene Sexton and Joann Hall have been dancing again. Joann has also spent a week in Florida recently and had a good time.

The Historical Society and the Letcher County Tourism Commission are sponsoring an essay contest for all students grades 7-8 and 11-12. The purpose of the essay is for the students to learn about the Letcher County Giant, Martin Van Buren Bates. Good luck to all the students.

Maxine had a nice phone visit with Martha Winniger from Shoals, Ind., this week. Martha will be coming in shortly to clean her family cemeteries. She is originally from Big Branch at Democrat.

Get well wishes to our friend Arthur Sergent. He has been in the hospital at Pikeville but is home now. Joyce is doing pretty well. Our best to both of them for they are very special to all of us. Their daughter Diana Holbrook has also been under the weather with kidney stones, but is better.

My brother Warren Douglas Baker celebrated his birthday on Saturday at home in Clay City with his family. He says he’s glad to still be around. That boy is never still a minute. We all love you, brother.

Our hearts have been broken this week. Jamie Isaac, the son of James and Dwanna Polly Isaac, died in Lexington and was brought back to Letcher County for visitation and burial. He was laid to rest in the Webb Cemetery at Mayking.

What a wonderful tribute by his youngest daughter as she sang a song that her dad had sung to her as a lullaby and the message from his son-in-law Michael Watson. Our prayers go out to his dad and mom, wife Lisa, and all his family.

We attended visitation this week for a girl we had known all our lives, Nova Lee Sexton Fields. What a battle she had fought. Her family was so good to her and they will miss her every day. Nova was the daughter of Walt and Eva Amburgey Sexton.

Also another special lady was Sarah Profitt. I had known her husband Roscoe for years. They are fine folks.

May God bless each one who has lost a loved one this week.

We have a very special person in our neighborhood who will be celebrating a birthday on the 24th. He lives across the road from me but in the summer when the trees are green, I can’t spy on him. I will be watching him though. Happy birthday to our good friend Ricky Yonts.

Here goes me getting on my soapbox again with the things made in China and foreign countries. Diane Sawyer has a special program on that topic this week and we should all be listening. There are things made in the U.S.A. Look for them and please buy American and help save some jobs, May 15 through June 15 are the dates to show we can make a difference.

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